Jardim Atlantico

Jardim Atlântico - Florianópolis neighborhood
Jardim Atlântico Neighborhood - School of Apprentice-Sailors
Jardim Atlântico - School of Apprentice-Sailors

Região: Continental Region of Florianopolis
Close quarters: Balneário (3 km)
Nearby beaches: Campeche beach (20 km south) | Praia do Cacupe (21 km north) | Conceição Lagoon (21,5 km east)
Distances: Centro e Bus Station 7 km | Airport 22 km

Jardim Atlântico Neighborhood - Location Map

Located at continental region, 7 km from the downtown florianopolis: Jardim Atlântico neighborhood It is the first neighborhood of Florianópolis in the mainland-island direction and borders the Barreiros neighborhood, in the neighboring municipality of São José. It is a very dynamic neighborhood, which begins as soon as you cross the small bridge over the River Buchele, on the border of the municipalities.

The two main avenues in the neighborhood are Avenida Atlântica, which crosses the neighborhood in a north-south direction, and Avenida Marinheiro Max Schramm, which follows the waterfront in an east-west direction.

Avenida Atlântica has some shopping options, such as bakeries, pharmacies, pet shops and services. At the intersection with Rua Felipe Neves, there is a large structured leisure area, with a playground, benches and a skating rink with approximately 380m², with various obstacles, transitions, gaps, spine, pyramid, handrail and mini-ramp. Across the street is a football field.

Close by, on Avenida Juscelino Kubitscheck de Oliveira, better known as PC3, is the TiJar - Jardim Atlântico Integration Terminal, deactivated since 2005 and used, among other things, for driving training. However, a project to transform this space into a Public Market is in progress at the City Hall of Florianópolis.

Along Avenida Marinheiro Max Schramm is the main commercial hub of the region, with branches of large supermarket chains, in addition to a large number of restaurants and commercial stores, especially car dealerships and stores, automotive parts and services.

Very close to the border with the Municipality of São José is the main means of lodging in the region, the Brisamar Suite Hotel, former Dimas Park Hotel.

Jardim Atlântico Neighborhood - View from the Brisamar Suite Hotel
Jardim Atlântico Neighborhood - View from the Brisamar Suite Hotel

Another important element of the neighborhood is the Escola de Aprendizes Marinheiros, which attracts many students from all regions of Brazil every year.

Jardim Atlântico is a predominantly residential neighborhood, with many houses and few buildings. It currently occupies the 11th position among the most populous neighborhoods in Florianópolis, with approximately more than 12.200 inhabitants, mostly middle class.

In the neighborhood there is only one state public school and one private teaching unit.

There are few options for night entertainment, however, for lovers of bar food, there are establishments famous for their generous portions, with gigantic shrimp portions being the most sought after options.


In 1943, federal intervenor Nereu Ramos traveled to Rio de Janeiro and there he learned about a research that indicated Florianópolis as one of the smallest capitals in the country. As soon as he returned to the capital, his first attitude was to form a commission with the objective of carrying out a review of the territory of Santa Catarina and, as a result of this initiative, a portion of the municipality of São José was ceded to Florianópolis the following year.


However, this region was already quite popular among the city's wealthy residents long before the annexation episode. The beaches present there were among his favorites since the 1920s, and this predilection would extend at least until the 1960s. This made the continent gain value in real estate terms, attracting investments and new residents.

The creation of the Jardim Atlântico subdivision in the 1950s was a reflection of this process. Conceived and implemented by Jacques Schweidson, Jardim Atlântico represented the hope that the mainland portion of Florianópolis would be the chosen area for the expansion of the urban fabric of the city. Because of this, the propaganda around the subdivision sought to attract the attention of the emerging middle class.

However, time and state incentives showed that Florianópolis' future was linked to the north of Santa Catarina Island. With the pollution of mainland resorts, the construction of the Colombo Salles bridge and the opening of the SC-401 highway, it soon became clear that the mainland neighborhoods would not fulfill all the dreams of the advertisements published in the capital's newspapers.

Location of Jardim Atlântico
Location of Jardim Atlântico

Still, many middle-class families did move to Jardim Atlântico, but several of the public improvements promised to the area were slow to get off the ground or were completely abandoned. When the improvements that were not forgotten finally arrived, the subdivision took on an air similar to that of typical suburban neighborhoods in countries such as the United States and Canada, an appearance that it retains to this day.

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