How to get to the beaches

The itineraries below will help you to explore and discover the three main tourist regions of Santa Catarina Island with ease.

east roadmap

How to get to the East of the Island - The beaches located in the east of the island start with a postcard, Lagoa da Conceição, one of the most beautiful landscapes in the country and a mandatory stop for anyone visiting Florianópolis. Read the full route east route here.

east route

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south route

how to get to south of the island - It is on the beaches located in the southern part of the island that we find the rustic aspect of fishermen's life, as well as true paradises of nature and landmarks of our colonial history, such as Ribeirão da Ilha, one of the first communities in the state. Read the full route south route here.

South route

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north route

how to get to north of the island - The beaches in the north of the island are the most developed in terms of infrastructure, with many hotels, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, among other tourist services. Read the full route north here.

North Route of Santa Catarina Island
North route

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