Average Season in Florianopolis

With four long holidays, the months of September, October and November, are ideal for those who want to do tourism in Florianópolis without the hassles of the high season - which officially starts in the week of Christmas. At this time of year, the city is quieter. The crowded beach on hot days is due almost exclusively to the residents, who take advantage of the absence of traffic jams to scare away the winter once and for all.

Culture and Activities in Nature

And as if all the natural beauties weren't enough, the city has other attractions. Among them, the Historical-Cultural Circuit, which is mainly supported by centuries-old churches, Florianopolis Museums and in Fortresses of Santa Catarina Island.

Florianópolis Center - Santa Catarina Historical Museum - Cruz e Sousa Palace,
Santa Catarina Historical Museum - Cruz e Sousa Palace,

If the objective is to enjoy nature, at this time of year the Ecotourism e Radical sports, including sports schools - like the surf schools -, bring itineraries and special prices, below the amount charged in high season (December, January, February).

Surf School in Florianópolis - Surf on the first day of class
Surf School in Florianópolis - Surf a wave on the first day of class.

Another good option is the speedboat rides, schooner tours, and the city ​​tours around the city, which offer fun for the whole family, regardless of the weather and temperature. The tours to the beautiful Campeche Island, in the south of the island, are the most sought after.

Pântano do Sul Beach tour through the southern beaches
Pântano do Sul Beach tour through the southern beaches

Spring has milder temperatures, which are also recommended to get to know the Trails in Florianopolis, the long walks through Santa Catarina Island, in the midst of nature, which take adventurous hikers to beautiful and mysterious places, far from human activity and pollution.

Santa Catarina festivities

And it is in the mid-season that the typical Santa Catarina festivities take place. In October, Florianópolis is just a few hours away from the main parties in the state, the traditional October festivities of Santa Catarina, which used to take place in cities of Germanic colonization, now also present in cities with other predominant ethnicities.

Gastronomy - Gratin Oysters
Grated Oisters

Florianópolis also has its typical festival almost at this time. In November, the city hosts FenaOstra, a gastronomic festival that promotes the main product of local mariculture, the oyster produced on the island of Santa Catarina.