Imagine being surfing and then suddenly taking flight, doing a few stunts in the air, and safely getting back into the swing of the waves. This is the principle of kitesurfing, which adds a 'pipa' (kite) to traditional surfing, allowing take-off. Sport, which is a mixture of surf, windsurf and wakeboarding. He's still young, but he's already won fans around the world.

Florianópolis, of course, could not be left out of the Brazilian kitesurf circuit. The natural conditions for the sport are excellent for beginners and advanced levels. Those who take a risk in the sport in Floripa still splurge on a look that mixes beaches, mountains, dunes and lots of beautiful and tanned people.


When: The best station for kitesurfing is the spring (September, October and November). But those who can only arrive in the other months have nothing to worry about. The incidence of Atlantic winds offers favorable conditions until March. The annual average of days suitable for kitesurfing is 250 days, practically 70% of the year.

Where: The strategic position of Florianópolis provides the practice of kitesurfing in more than 30 different spots. The city's hot spot for water sports enthusiasts is the Conceição Lagoon. The large saltwater lagoon accommodates windsurfers all year round, see her, kayak, jet ski and of course kitesurfing. It is the perfect setting for beginners, as the waves are not very high, and it also caters to the advanced audience that wants tranquility, wants to enjoy the natural scenery and, later on, enjoy a busy and diverse night.

5 km from Lagoa da Conceição, before the final stop, the Barra da Lagoa, is at soft beach. Redoubt of white sand, loose and soft, it is a place for surfers and paragliders. In summer, the beach is busy with young people and flirting takes over. It's another great option for kitesurfing, but the difficulty level is higher. More experienced kiters looking for radical maneuvers in the waves are the profile of those who are fans of Mole to practice the sport.

Making the curve from the east to the south of the island, we arrive at the paradisiacal beach of Campeche. The coastline is three kilometers long, with a wide sand strip and dune formation. The sea in Campeche is thick and with high salinity. The waves hit strong and the rights with south swell make the surfers happy. It is on this beach that the Windsurf and Kitesurf Festival takes place, whose idea is to include Campeche in the calendar of the world kitesurf circuit.

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Conceição Lagoon

Gokite Kitesurf School

Gokite Kitesurf School | Kitesurf School in Florianópolis. Gokite, a school and point for Kitesurfing, is located in Lagoa da Conceição in Florianópolis. The company has over 16 years of experience. Our kitepoint has a large lawn with parking, bathroom, shower and compressor, all monitored by cameras for your safety! The school is accredited by ABK - Brazilian Kitesur Association