Canyoning is the descent and/or exploration of canyons, rivers in gorges or canyons. Its practice can have recreational, sporting or corporative experiences. This activity consists of overcoming natural obstacles following the course of the river, using specific techniques and equipment for descents. It is always recommended to do it with professional supervision.

The canyoneering activity provides emotion and adrenaline to practitioners in every moment they are surprised by new situations to be overcome. Unlike other adventure tourism activities, the river route has innovative characteristics, requiring the explorer to use different techniques such as Floating, Waterfall rappel, Trekking between the waters, Natural Toboggans, Jumps, among others.


In addition to all the adrenaline provided by Canyoning, the intimate contact with nature seduces practitioners, who have a harmonious feeling in it when they experience the presence of the local fauna and flora.

Canyoning emerged in Europe and around 30 years ago is considered a sport, originating from speleology (study and exploration of natural cavities in the soil, such as caves, caves, fountains, etc). Although Brazil is among the top 10 canyoneers in the world, the activity is not recognized as a sport, but as a recreational one.

where to practice

One of the places where canyoning is practiced in Florianópolis is the Atlantic Forest in the municipality of Águas Mornas, more precisely on the Forquilhas River. This activity consists of exploring the river on foot, swimming, jumping, floating and using vertical techniques. On the way down it is possible to enjoy waterfalls and the beauty of the local fauna and flora. Eventually you will find monkeys, birds, otters, orchids, among others. You don't need previous experience or know how to swim, the main thing is to enjoy challenges.


Activity characteristics

2 km is the explored route
1 waterfall rappel of 35 meters
1 rappel of 15 meters
15 meter jump
5 to 6 hours of activity
Water Trekking (walking in water)
Maximum of 10 people

Activity restrictions: Children under 12 years old; pregnant women; people who have cardiorespiratory, muscle and bone problems.

Weather restriction: Heavy rain / thunderstorms and lightning. River level above 1,20m.

The tour usually includes safety equipment, specialized drivers, activity insurance, food, life jacket.

What you need to bring: sneakers, sunscreen, repellent, towel, extra shoes and extra clothes (for after the activity).

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