Some have never heard of it and many consider it just a recreational game. But few know that paintball is a sport that has international championships and rankings. It is estimated that over 15 million people worldwide are frequent gamers. In Brazil, paintball was brought from São Paulo, but its popularity has already spread. In Florianópolis, there are paintball arenas in all regions of the island and professionals able to teach the rules of the game to beginner groups.

The origin of paintball is in the 1960s, with loggers from Canada and the United States. They used paint guns to mark the trees that would be felled. At the end of the day, they played capture the enemy team's flag, throwing paint at the opponents. The sport has developed a lot in recent years and has won many fans. This is because, in addition to fun and adrenaline, it is a form of group integration.


How it works
The game consists of a battle fought between two opposing teams. The objective is to eliminate all the players of the other team and to take possession of a flag that is kept in the enemy base. For this, markers are used that shoot paint balls. When a player is marked with ink, he is out of the game. Strategy, speed and courage are keywords!

When: Paintball is a sport to play in a group, if it's a group of friends even better. So set aside a good amount of time to play a lot and socialize afterwards. The sport can be played in all seasons, but remember that you will have to run, duck and dodge shots, that is, it requires a lot of physical effort. So, if you're going to do it on very hot days, hydrate your body so you don't feel sick under a helmet, vest, gloves and other safety equipment. In the cold, stretch to avoid injuries and, in the rain, beware of slips and poor visibility.

Where: Paintball is played in an arena with space boundaries. All over the island there are arenas prepared for the practice of paintball, so just choose the one closest to you. You can also choose by size and difficulty. Here's where to find the establishments:

As: Generally, paintball arenas charge a fee per hour of use. Equipment is free, but if you shoot a lot, you may have to buy more ammo.

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Just Paintball Arena

Only Paintball Arena is the largest and most complete arena in Floripa. Course designed especially for you and your friends to live moments of pure emotion and adrenaline together in one place with the fastest growing extreme sport in the world. It offers covered field, free parking, covered area for parties, bar service and games, TOP equipment and clean after use. Paintball fake war, real emotion.