Cycling is a sport that uses the bicycle as a running instrument, with the aim of setting goals and completing certain routes in the shortest possible time. The activity can be practiced in different degrees and courses: depending on the cyclist's physical conditioning and will, the pedaling can be short or long.

Cycling in Florida

The sport, which began in England in the mid-1896th century, has been included in the Olympic program since the first edition of the games in XNUMX. Currently, it falls into four categories: track cycling, road cycling, mountains and BMX.

In 2020, Florianópolis has more than 60 kilometers of bike paths. Some of them are bike lanes, physically separated from highways or streets, others are bike lanes, which are separated by studs or paint.

In Floripa, the sport can be practiced in three different ways:

Road cycling: It is generally practiced by professional cyclists, who participate in the Iron Man Brazil competition (the largest Triathlon event in the world), in which athletes from different countries perform a great resistance test, which consists of swimming 4 km, running 42 km and cycling. about 180 km along the entire length of the Island. Bike training for this event is carried out on long-distance routes, connecting the city's main avenues, such as Via Expressa Sul, Beira-mar Norte and SC-401. The latter connects the center ao north da Ilha, but should be avoided by beginner cyclists, as it has many stretches without shoulders, ascents, descents and holes, which make it difficult to practice the activity safely.


Remembering that it is important not to walk on roads with intense car traffic, or that do not have the structure to make a totally safe and comfortable route.

Short distance cycling: Cyclists of all ages and physical types are seen daily on the streets and cycle paths of Floripa, performing the activity as a way to entertain themselves, gather family, friends and at the same time keep in shape. Bike paths such as the Beira-mar Norte, with 9.400 meters in length, and the Beira-mar Continental, with 1.700 meters in length, are routes that are widely used by cyclists in the city, which currently has the third best quality of life index in the country. The end of the afternoon is very popular in these places, and the sunset is a toast. Avenida das Rendeiras, in Conceição Lagoon, is also used for bike rides, but does not have a bike path, having to walk along the sidewalk itself.

Cycle tourism: It is a type of tourist trip, generally practiced on secondary roads, trails and inland paths. Cyclists seek routes that contain a lot of adventure, contact with natural beauties and simplicity of good company. For the practice, the cyclist must have the route already defined, which can last hours, days or even months. This script can be completed alone, in pairs, as a family or in groups. The ideal is to hire a guide to accompany the activity, at the end of the article we have information about Services.


In terms of health, cycling is a rhythmic and cyclical activity, ideal for the development of both aerobic and anaerobic energy systems.

Benefits: Burning of localized fats, stress reduction, muscle strengthening and resistance, improvement in physical conditioning, cardiac, respiratory and vascular systems, in addition to helping to maintain physical shape.


what to wear

To practice the sport, it is essential to use appropriate equipment, as the activity presents possible risks and unforeseen events, such as cuts, sprains, fractures and falls, in addition to bicycle maintenance problems. Therefore, in order to prevent such eventual unforeseen events, the cyclist must always be equipped with a helmet, headlight and signs, water bottle, sneakers, glasses, in addition to gloves, tire repair kit and comfortable clothes, such as lycra.

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