Tree climbing

Arvorismo is the crossing between platforms mounted high in the treetops, where practitioners walk a suspended course, overcoming different types of obstacles such as stairs, suspension bridges, zip lines and other activities that can be created. In addition to trees, poles can also serve as a base for the practice of sport.

He arrived in Brazil in 2001, and Florianópolis now has the largest tree climbing circuit in the south of the country. However, as the trees are low, the ropes are placed on posts scattered in the middle of the forest. The route is 378 meters, that is, almost two hours over the treetops twelve meters above the ground.


To practice tree climbing, it is not necessary to be an athlete, you just need a lot of willingness and courage to overcome the challenges. With the supervision of trained monitors and the tree climbing kit (chair, safety cable, carabiner, pulley and helmet), the adventurers stimulate individual capacity, exercising the body and mind, developing inner balance and relieving daily stress through adrenaline.

Types of tree climbing

Born in Costa Rica in the 80s, this route has as its main objective the observation of nature. The practitioner walks along walkways protected by nets, which are suspended between the trees.

In this type of course, practitioners need a little more balance, coordination and daring. Always attached to a safety cable and using appropriate equipment, practitioners walk on cables, hang on hammocks and slide on zip lines. This activity was born in France in the late 90s.


where to practice

Red River
The first acrobatic route between the treetops of Florianópolis. With direct contact with nature, it offers an alpine bridge, web, trapeze, Tarzan Path, Falsa Baiana, Lock Loose Vitória and ends with a zip line.
Average duration: 30 minutes.
Minimum participant height: 1,50m.
Location: Mabu Engenho Eco Resort.

Santinho beach
The longest route in southern Brazil. There are 27 acrobatic activities suspended at a height of 12 meters. The participant will have as challenges bridges, aerial cables, nets, ending in zip lines that reach more than 40 km/h.
Average duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes.
Minimum participant height: 1,50m.
Location: Costão do Santinho Resort.

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