Ufsc – Federal University of Santa Catarina

A Ufsc - Federal University of Santa Catarina continuous flow throughout the year and is the largest university in Florianópolis, with two campuses: the University Campus in Trinity and the Center for Agricultural Sciences in Itacorubi.

In 2020, Ufsc offers 85 courses between shifts and qualifications.

Colleges and Universities in Florianópolis - Campus of the Federal University of Santa Catarina - Trindade
Campus of the Federal University of Santa Catarina - Trindade

Ufsc location

Ufsc's main campus is located in the Trindade neighborhood, close to the neighborhoods Big Stream, Pantanal, Serrinha and Carvoeira. Of Centro the distance is 7 km. the neighborhoods Santa Monica, Itacorubi and Bag of Lemons are also part of the surroundings of the University. See how to get there.

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Rector João David Ferreira Lima University Campus - Trindade.
(48) 3721-9000

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