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Barra da Lagoa - Beach in Florianópolis

Barra da Lagoa beach in summer

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Região: east of the island
Subdivision: Barra da Lagoa neighborhood
Nearby beaches: Mozambique beach (11 km north on the highway or 3 km north on the beach) | Praia da Barra da Lagoa (0,5 km east trail) | soft beach (4,2 km south) | Galheta Beach (4,2 km south + 2 km of easy trail or 3 km south of hard trail)
Distances: Centro e Bus Station 23 km | Airport 22 km
Beach Type: shallow beach (fine sand and depth slowly increases)
Curling: Median (with small waves) or High (from medium to large waves)
Sand range: Long (above 20 m)
Beach Length: 0,65 km
water temperature: Fria
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Through the narrow streets, alleys and alleys, very characteristic of the Azorean culture, you reach the Barra da Lagoa beach, considered the largest fishing center on the island of Santa Catarina, with the capacity to receive an average of 50 vessels. A traditional community, which still keeps its cultural roots alive, such as fishery and the production of braids (tarrafa and lace).

Known for the cordiality of its native residents and the natural beauty, the beach attracts numerous tourists in high season. Many of them are foreigners, coming from North America and Europe, who come to Barra also in the calmer months of the mid-season. This is because this is the best structured beach in the East Coast throughout the year, offering several options for lodging e feed.

Artisanal fishing is quite present, which guarantees an abundance of fish. You can try it in restaurants or even buy it fresh and cook at home.

Fishing in Barra da Lagoa
Fishing in Barra da Lagoa

In addition, the 4,75 km² of Barra da Lagoa neighborhood are in a privileged area, with surrounding hills, encrusted between the Atlantic Ocean, the Conceição Lagoon and the Morro da Galheta and crossed by the Bar Channel, the only connection between the brackish waters of Lagoa da Conceição and the salty waters of the sea.

Praia da Barra da Lagoa with Praia do Moçambique in the background
Praia da Barra da Lagoa with Praia do Moçambique in the background

The beach has a hidden peculiarity: the Friar's Stone, a dolmen that was used by the primitive peoples of the region as an astronomical observatory. Among the markings are the summer solstice and winter solstice. Researchers work at the site to disclose and unravel the mysteries of the dolmens.

Archaeoastronomy on Santa Catarina Island
Archaeoastronomy on Santa Catarina Island

In Barra da Lagoa is located the Multidisciplinary Institute of Environment and Archaeoastronomy, which brings together a collection of rock art panels (fleets), archaeological artifacts, photographic panels, and offers a guided walk through the Prayer Trail, which gives access to the megalithic monuments in the region.


Natural Features of Barra da Lagoa

Officially, Barra da Lagoa beach has 650m of extension. However, the lack of any geographical accident that separates it from the beach Mozambique makes the edge more than 8km. This large stretch of beach with open sea is due to the gentle and gradual slope of the sandy soil towards the high seas. Heading towards Mozambique, the slope becomes sharper and more irregular, which generates bigger waves. On the Barra side, the slope tends to be smoother.

The big waves caused by the open sea are stopped by the current of the Bar Channel, thus leaving the waves calmer and great for learning to surf. On the beach there are several surf schools for all ages. The student is usually able to surf on the first day of class.

Canal and Bridge of Barra da Lagoa
Canal and Bridge of Barra da Lagoa

The sands are white and fine, with an average range of 5 to 50 meters. The ecosystem is of restinga and the undergrowth. Currently, the riparian forest in Barra is well degraded by disorderly urbanization.

The Canal da Barra also softens the salinity of the sea, leaving the water less salty. In a sinuous shape, it is almost 3 km long and 19 to 50 m wide. The morphology of the Channel was totally altered due to dredging, mainly due to the construction of the jetty.

Canal, Pier and Beach at Praia da Barra da Lagoa
Canal, Pier and Beach at Praia da Barra da Lagoa

As Dunes of Barra da Lagoa are listed as Natural and Landscape Heritage of the municipality. There are 6,6 hectares of area composed of fixed and low-altitude mobile dunes. What forms a coastal cord by the sea.


History of Barra da Lagoa

At that time it was Lagoa Beach which housed a simple and peaceful fishing village. People who lived in that region used to say that they lived in Barra da Lagoa. Over time, the location began to gain more importance.

Barra da Lagoa - Wedding ceremony setting
Barra da Lagoa - Wedding ceremony setting

Praia da Lagoa designated from Barra to Ponta das Aranhas, but in 1989 emancipation began. When editing an official map, the authorities publicized the region as Praia da Barra da Lagoa and not as Praia da Lagoa, as it should be. A year later, in 1990, Praia Grande or Mozambique was subdivided. And only on 21/12/1995 the Barra da Lagoa district was definitively installed. The dismemberment of Lagoa da Conceição took place by Municipal Law nº 4.806/95.

The main source of income for many residents remains fishing. Because of the jetty, fishermen don't have time to arrive, let alone to leave. It's dawn, morning, afternoon or night... there's always someone fishing. And it is at Canal da Barra that boats from other beaches dock when the weather is not good. Even boats from the distant Praia da Armação seek shelter here.

Barra da Lagoa Canal Bridge
Barra da Lagoa Canal Bridge

For decades, the Suspension bridge, built in 1983, which passed over the Canal da Barra was the main attraction of the beach. Residents demanded more security as the bridge began to get too old and dangerous. All patched up, with loose boards and damaged protective screen, it put at risk anyone who wanted to go through there. Because it was very low, the boats leaned against the structure, which facilitated more serious accidents. Thus, on March 23, 2007, as part of the celebrations for the 281 years of Florianópolis, a new bridge was created, but this time with a metallic structure and angelim wood flooring. 80m long, 1,8m wide and 4,90m high (above sea level), the Barra da Lagoa Bridge it should last 20 to 30 years and is adapted to people with special needs.

Surfing in Barra da Lagoa
Surfing in Barra da Lagoa
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Accommodation at Barra da Lagoa Beach

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