Florianopolis Islands

Between nooks and crannies, there is another charm in Florianópolis, its small islands. With very different characteristics, some islands stand out for their natural riches. Others, for preserving a little of the history of human occupation in the region.

Santa Cruz de Anhatomirim Fortress
Santa Cruz de Anhatomirim Fortress

An archipelago with many islands.

The most important islands for visiting are that of big rat anhatomirim, in the North Bay and the Campeche Island, a paradise of crystalline waters and white sands, located in the Southeast, in front of the beach of the same name.

On the North side, facing the channel that separates Santa Catarina Island from the mainland, are the Islands of anhatomirim and Mice (Raton Grande and Raton Pequena), important parts of the set of military fortresses that protected the region in the colonial period. There are also small islands, such as Ilhas dos Guarás (large and small), near the north bay.

Arvoredo Island - Arvoredo Marine Biological Reserve
Arvoredo Island

In the extreme North, in the open sea, on the border between the municipalities of Florianópolis, Governor Celso Ramos e Firecrackers, is the Arvoredo Marine Biological Reserve. This small archipelago is formed by three islands and the Calhau de São Pedro. THE Island of Galley It is considered one of the most important points on the Brazilian coast for the breeding of frigates and boobies. THE Island Desert is also a refuge for birds and the Grove is considered one of the most beautiful islands in Florianópolis. this region, for belonging to the category of Biological Reserve, is closed to visitors. However, the go is allowed in a delimited area.  The high diversity of marine and terrestrial environments in the Arvoredo Marine Biological Reserve is home to an infinity of species, many of which are rare and threatened with extinction. The islands have remnants of Atlantic Forest, breeding sites for seabirds and archaeological sites with sambaquis and rock inscriptions.

French Island - Florianópolis Islands
French Island - Canasvieiras

On the North side, facing the ocean, are located the islands from French, between the beaches of Jurerê e CanasvieirasKill Hunger kids from the north na Ingleses Beach . These two do not have beaches, only cliffs, and therefore are not popular for tours. The French one, on the other hand, is widely used by owners of private vessels to anchor on the south side, sheltered from the ocean current. On land, rocky cliffs, green forest and a small cove with a beach are part of its look.

Little Spider Island
Little Spider Island

Na Santinho beach, two islands are sighted: the of the whiting and of the spiders, according to legend, a stronghold of arachnids. Both do not have access to disembarkation.

Fortress of Our Lady of Conception of Araçatuba
Fortress of Our Lady of the Conception of Araçatuba - Araçatuba Island

Already in south part of Florianópolis there are several islands: On the Southeast side, between the beaches of Armação and Matadeiro, is Ilha das Campanhas. Further south there is the small set of kids from the south. In front of the beaches Pantano do Sul, Azores, Solitude e sachet is the group of Three sisters (Little Sister, Middle and Outside) and the Island from Araçatuba, the latter seen from the shipwrecked beach. These islands belong to the limits of the Serra do Tabuleiro State Park and entry is only allowed with prior authorization from the Park Management Unit. Currently, tourist visitation in the islands Three sisters and Araçatuba Island is temporarily suspended. Already access to kids from the south is prohibited because it is an area of ​​environmental preservation. Still on the south side, in the channel between the island and the mainland, there are small inhabited islands, like the islands of thistles, do Largo, Laranjeiras, of the Vineyards e Dona Francisca. The latter has residents and its access, during low tide, is possible by walking through the channel.

Coqueiros Island
Coqueiros Island

Close to the beaches in continental region there are two islands. To the north the small island of the bride and groom, in front of the beach Balneário. In the southern part, in the Coqueiros neighborhood, is Coqueiros Island.

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