The 7 busiest beaches in Florianópolis

With natural and paradisiacal beauties, the beaches of the Capital of Santa Catarina attract locals and tourists from all parts and tastes.

Barra da Lagoa beach. Photo credit: Maurélio Pereira

It is not by chance or because of folklore that Florianópolis is known as the Magic Island. In addition to the capital of Santa Catarina being remembered for its urbanism and commercial strength, the city is mainly referred to as a paradise destination. 

And it is precisely the natural attractions that are most sought after by tourists from the most diverse parts of Brazil and the world. In addition, the natural exuberances of the beaches that are found on Ilha da Magia are a source of pride for the locals. 

More than 40 beaches are located in "Floripa". Each one different from the other. Some, with more commercial attractions, others with more calm… and so on. There are beaches for all audiences and tastes. 

Confused about which one to go to? Then check out the list of the 7 busiest beaches in Florianópolis.

Conceição Lagoon

Located in the geographic center of the island, the Conceição Lagoon it concentrates beaches, dunes, mountains, and the biggest lagoon of Florianópolis. In addition, it is an important stronghold for all imaginable audiences. In the region there are restaurants installed on the beach, clubs, concert halls and places for the family. 

Among the popular activities at Lagoa da Conceição beach are trails and other outdoor sports activities.

With calm waves, the water in summer has an average temperature of 27ºC and is shallow. As a result, the place is usually safe and pleasant for children. The sand strip is narrow.

Canasvieiras beach

Located in the North Region, between Praia de Jurerê and Cachoeira do Bom Jesus Beach, Canasvieiras beach It is known for its calm waters and the infrastructure that surrounds it, reminiscent of a mini city. 

During high season, the place becomes a beach resort for foreigners from neighboring countries. Therefore, many establishments offer bilingual services.

The beach is shallow and has calm, warm waters with gentle waves. Therefore, the place is also suitable for leisure for families with children.


A Ingleses Beach literally attracts all audiences: Brazilian and foreign families, street vendors and surfers - among other sports - circulate on the sand strip.

Popularly known as “Zinga”, the site has a great extension, reaching very close to 5 km. The region, which is known for its strong and long waves, also has a very characteristic strip of sand: white and very fine. Therefore, there are many dunes there. 

In addition, close to the beach there is a lot of shopping and options to party at night. 

The beaches of Jurere

Jurerê is divided into two very distinct parts: the typically little man Traditional Jurerê and International Jurerê. Simplicity and tradition on the one hand, sophistication and exuberance on the other. But these two characteristics come together on the beach's strip of sand. 

Jurerê International

A Jurerê Internacional beach is internationally known as “Brazilian Miami”. In the paradisiacal place, there are trendy restaurants, chic bars, beach club, parties and lots of fun.

With a narrow strip of sand, the beach has calm and almost warm water in the summer - ideal for bathers. In the surroundings, there is irregular relief, with sandbanks and formation of natural pools that shape with the waves. 

For those who like to party, there are installed the Cafe de la Musique: August Doze Club and the Parador 12 (popular P12), among other options. 

Traditional Jurerê

Even without a demarcation on the border between Traditional Jurerê and its extravagant neighbor, it's easy to identify one and the other. The beach begins at Ponta dos Morretes, on the border with Canasvieiras, and extends to the Forte de São José da Ponta Grossa. In addition, it is surrounded by simple buildings - which refer to the name. 

Jurerê Tradicional is long and has long and calm waves, in addition to fine sand in a light yellow tone. The water temperature is also warm during the summer.

Barra da Lagoa 

Famous for vivid traditionalism, the Barra da Lagoa is on the outskirts of Lagoa da Conceição and is one of the most receptive beaches for tourists in the capital. 

The place has abundant fishing and is surrounded by a center full of an active and varied commerce. In addition, there are leisure and gastronomy options for all tastes.   

With an average range that varies from 5 to 50 meters, the beach sands are white and fine. The ecosystem of the locality is of restinga, with a low vegetation. The sea, on the other hand, has waves that start out aggressive, but calm down when they are braked by the current of the Bar Channel. Ideal for bathing or for beginners in surfing.  

soft beach

Hot spot! THE soft beach it is surrounded by several bars installed on the waterfront; close to Galheta Beach, the place is considered a point of flirting and excitement for beach youth of all genders. In addition, it has the ideal sea for surfing - making, in addition to everything else, the location very well known by fans and practitioners of the sport. 

However, you have to be careful, because in Praia Mole there are many occurrences of entrainment and drowning, as the sea is unstable. That's why one of the best equipped lifeguard stations on the island is installed there.

In addition to these, some of the main tourist beaches in Florianópolis are located in the nimble, north e on from the island. From large, well-structured resorts to isolated deserted beaches, they are all very popular. The beaches in the central region and some belonging to the continent, are more suitable for viewing. There are inviting options for all audiences.

Author of the article: William Schütz
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Image credit: Publicity/Guia Floripa.