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Região: south of the island
Close quarters: Taper (11 km) | Coastal Pirajubaé (5 km) | Tavares River (9 km) |Campeche (8 km)
Nearby beaches: Campeche beach (9,8 km east) | Morro das Pedras beach (10 km east) | Tapera Beach (11 km south)
Distances: Centro e Bus Station 9,5 km | Airport 9 km
Also find: football stadium, airport

Carians - Location Map

The Carianos neighborhood is located at the beginning of south of Santa Catarina Island, between the districts of Taper, Coastal Pirajubaé, Tavares River e Campeche, 10,4 km from the downtown florianopolis.

Predominantly residential, Carianos is surrounded on one side by an extensive area of ​​mangroves, belonging to the Marine Extractive Reserve of Pirajubaé, and on the other by the area of ​​the Hercilio Luz International Airport.

The main road that cuts through the neighborhood is Avenida Deputado Diomício Freitas, which connects the central and southern regions and concentrates most of the commerce and services.

Carianos has several public and private schools and daycare centers, churches of different denominations, markets, bakeries, pharmacies, agricultural products fairs and gas stations. The resident finds almost everything and has little need to travel to find what he needs.

Carianos neighborhood
Avenida Deputy Diomício Freitas - Carianos

Because it is in a restricted area of ​​flight protection, in Carianos the construction of buildings is limited to four floors, making the neighborhood practically all formed by middle class houses.

There are four well-structured subdivisions in the neighborhood: Jardim California, Jardim Santa Catarina, Jardim Santa Rita and Recreio Santos Dumont.

However, it is not the proximity to the center of Florianópolis or the quality of life that the neighborhood provides to its residents that makes it one of the most important in the city. It is the presence of two large national enterprises that make it known and drive its development. On the one hand, the Hercílio Luz International Airport, the point of arrival and departure for thousands of visitors, and the Ressacada Stadium, home of Avaí Futebol Clube, one of the main soccer clubs in Santa Catarina.

Carianos - Hercílio Luz International Airport
Hercilio Luz International Airport


The origin of the name of the neighborhood is uncertain, but oral tradition attributes the term “Carianos” to a variant of the word “carijós”, since in this region sambaquis and many other cultural records were found, dating between 3.000 and 1.800 years before Christ. , in addition to archaeological remains belonging to the Guarani nation.

Another version for the name of the neighborhood reports that the first settlers who settled in the region would have originated from Cária, a small village of Jewish population origin, belonging to the council of Belmonte, in the north of Portugal.


However, the historical records of Florianopolis Air Base point out that this region was known only as Ressacada and there is no record of the date from which it became known as Carianos.

Until the beginning of the 1923th century, there were few residents in the region, all installed in small farms, until, in XNUMX, the Naval Aviation Center was installed there, where some buildings were built and the necessary infrastructure works were carried out to support the seaplane landings and take-offs.

Florianópolis Air Base - Carianos
Florianopolis Air Base

With the construction of the first airstrip, there was a small evolution and the division between the civil and military parts gave rise to the Hercílio Luz International Airport and the Florianópolis Air Base. Later, with the growth of these two important enterprises, many military and civilians who worked there settled in the vicinity, creating the first urban subdivisions.

Another major driver of the neighborhood's notoriety was the inauguration, on November 15, 1983, of the Aderbal Ramos da Silva Stadium, popularly known as Estádio da Ressacada, owned by Avaí Futebol Clube.

The neighborhood has grown sharply in recent times, especially after the construction of Via Expressa Sul, a fast highway that connects the city center to the south of the island, and is currently considered one of the best housing options with good urban mobility in the city.

Carianos Neighborhood - Location Map

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