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Região: Central Region of the Island
Close quarters: Centro (2,6 km) | Bag of Lemons (1,5 km) | Bunker (3,8 km) | Pantanal (4,2 km)
Nearby beaches: Conceição Lagoon (13 km)| Campeche beach (14,6 km) | soft beach (16 km) | Joaquina Beach (17 km)
Distances: Centro e Bus Station 2,6 km | Airport 17 km

José Mendes Neighborhood - Location on the Map

O José Mendes neighborhood is a neighborhood in Florianópolis located in Central region of the city, between downtown neighborhood and the Saco dos Limões neighborhood, facing the South Bay channel.

Owner of one of the most beautiful panoramic views of the city, its beaches and slopes, it is possible to admire the sunset on the hills of continental region and much of the South Bay, Hercílio Luz Bridge, from some coastal neighborhoods on the continent, such as Coconut trees e itaguaçu, and the municipalities of São José and Palhoça.

José Mendes neighborhood
José Mendes neighborhood

Currently, the José Mendes neighborhood is the smallest neighborhood in territorial extension in the city and, according to IBGE data, has 3.385 residents. It already had great importance in the city's traffic, but after the inauguration of the Antonieta de Barros Tunnel, which connects the center of Florianópolis to the south of the island, lost commercial importance becoming just a residential neighborhood.

Officially, the neighborhood begins on the left bank of the Ribeirão do Fraga, a small watercourse currently covered by several buildings and the main road that surrounds the neighborhood. For residents, José Mendes starts at "Curva do Madalona" and ends at "Curva do Amadeu", both on Rua José Maria da Luz.

With a winding shore and divided by small beaches and rocky shores, the neighborhood's coastline has already had a lot of prominence in the past, having been one of the main resorts of the old Desterro. However, today, due to pollution in the South Bay, beaches are not popular for bathing. Residents usually point out that there are three beaches in the neighborhood: Jose Mendes, in the northern part, the Tannery Beach, further south, and the Germano beach, the smallest of all.

Jose Mendes Beach
Jose Mendes Beach


Archaeological studies identified the presence of sambaquis and a lithic workshop on the banks of Ribeirão Garcia, a stream near the south coast of the beach, demonstrating that the region was inhabited by indigenous groups.

The name of the neighborhood is due to Jose Mendes dos Reis, Portuguese who arrived in the village of Nossa Senhora do Desterro, in 1737, as a member of a military detachment, and who later became sacristan of the Friar Agostinho da Trindade, vicar of the village of Nossa Senhora da Trindade in Trás dos Morros. On May 14, 1739, José Mendes marries Maria Rita de Jesus, daughter of Friar Agostinho, and receives part of the land that forms the neighborhood as a dowry.


The occupation of the region was slow. One hundred years later, at the end of the XNUMXth century, there were only three properties on the site, one of which was used by a leather tannery industry. It was this tannery that gave rise to the name of one of the small beaches in the neighborhood, Praia do Curtume. Over time, the old tannery gave way to a fuel depot, then a soap factory, and finally a Coca-Cola factory.

With the more accentuated growth of the city in the XNUMXth century, José Mendes started to have greater appreciation, mainly because it is the link between the central region and the south of Santa Catarina Island.

Location of Bairro José Mendes
Location of Bairro José Mendes

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