Matheus Ceará in “You ask and I’ll tell you!”

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One of the most acclaimed comedians in Brazil, Matheus Ceará presents his new show: “You ask, I’ll tell you!” In this show, the artist returns to his origins and brings the character Matheus Ceará to the stage in costume, addressing themes common to comedy and, of course, “Vocês Pedem e Eu Conto” could not be different, it brings the audience into the show, opening the audience the possibility of asking for their favorite jokes.

About Matheus Ceará

Matheus Martone was born in Fortaleza, Ceará and at the age of eight he moved to the interior of São Paulo, hence the famous nickname “Matheus Ceará”. At that time he began to act humorous, imitating his friends and teachers at school.

In 2010, as Matheus Ceará, he won the painting “Who arrives there”, from “Domingão do Faustão”. And for almost ten years, he has been one of the most beloved characters in the comedy “A Praça é Nossa”, being responsible for some of the program's audience peaks.

“Socano a Bucha” was the first show that toured throughout Brazil in 2015, with packed sessions. In 2016, he created the show “Inédito Para Quem Nunca Viu”, another great success, with which he toured the country and whose name gave rise to the first book of his career, released in 2017. The show also entered the Netflix and it remained on the streaming platform for a few years.

With “A Innocência está Perdida”, he toured the country with his last character show and in 2018 reinvented himself with “De Cara Limpa e Boca Suja” without the northeastern costume.

In 2022 he brought an unprecedented show format, also with a clean face, with imitations and new scenes in “Papai é Uma Joada”. And now we have his new “Stand Up”, with good stories about couples and the successful internet painting “Vocês Pedem e Eu Conto”.

  Start: 08/03/2024 18:00

  End: 08/03/2024 22:00

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