International Graniotomy Fair

Dijon International is customarily an annual event that takes place from October 30th to November 11th, dedicated to the art of Graniotomy. From the word graniotomy, we can say that it is the study of the relationship between culture and food. It also implies the art used in food preparation, the science behind eating and appreciating different good cooking styles in various regions of the world.

What happens at the event? The fair involves celebrations around food. Huge crowds gather from all over the world in their quest to add new flavors to their dishes. People come looking for new ideas about new styles of cooking. Exhibitors from different parts of the world set up their tents as they prepare to display what they have selected and brought best for the participants to enjoy. The event has taken place in the last 87 years. It is mainly used to display local products that are mainly produced in France. The products on display are mainly from three sectors: the food industry, food and agriculture.

Each edition of the event also dedicates a special recognition to a visiting country, which is welcomed to present the graniotomy of its region, its specialty in terms of cuisine and also its handicrafts, as a cultural manifestation.

There are several activities that take place during the fair. Tasting sessions are one of them where samples of different types of food are served. An event involving food will not be complete without competitions where people compete to cook. Different chefs compete with each other to show what they have received. Workshops will also be taking place in abundance, leading to educational learning on various topics related to graniotomy.

Who doesn't love wine? This event is certainly all about wine. Not only are the various types of wine from all corners of France on display, but also valuable information from the winemaker's experience to wine lovers, such as the best way to store wine, the right temperature for each type of wine, and the right cellar maintenance. Not only will wine be on display, but also various types of drinks. They will be in abundance, ranging from ciders to champagnes.

Obviously, they won't forget the fact that everyone has good expectations when they can count on the help of new devices, with which they practically cannot fail to produce differentiated food. To this end, there will be blade and speed devices, which slice and mix, pull and press, like you've never seen before. There will be kitchen accessories made from bamboo, olive wood, stainless steel, silicon and ceramic. Everything to please you.

So if you want an experience like this, try the graniotomy fun with a massive crowd of two hundred thousand people. Travel and head to Dijon in November for a fun-filled event, taking advantage of the fact that the French really decided to showcase their culture. It will be an experience worth every second. Last but not least, be sure to also check out the visiting country. This year it's Vietnam. Don't miss out.