CASA DO PALHAÇO PRODUCTIONS – Cultural Space and Restaurant

In 2018, we became Casa do Palhaço, a company. which houses the dreams of Pepe Nuñez, a Spanish clown who lives in Florianópolis since 1999. These dreams consist of the projects:

Cultural Space Casa do Palhaço = located in the Morro das Pedras neighborhood, it has a monthly cultural program, and also offers aerial acrobatics and theater classes. The house is also open to private rentals.

Don Pepe Restaurant = Pepe's baby! A buffet restaurant by the kilo, which is attached to the Cultural Space, and has a different option on its menu: Spanish cuisine and seafood. In the kitchen, the chefs are none other than two Spaniards (Pepe's sister and brother-in-law). An invitation to gastronomic delight!

Enjoy your food = Show directed and performed by Pepe, which circulates throughout Brazil and the world! Bom Appetite is a space for playing, an open show, for all ages, games and complicity set the pace in the orchestra that form audience and clown, and laughing at themselves, bring out what we all have that is most irreverent, relaxed and naive.

Beginner's Art of the Clown Workshop = Pepe today became a reference in teaching the art of clowning. His workshop has already contributed to the training of several clowns. In his workshop, he seeks to encourage students to recognize and enjoy their own ridiculousness, to laugh at themselves, stimulating an encounter with their spontaneity, generosity and sincerity in the relationship they establish with the audience, breaking barriers and limits, making it possible to present themselves with a high degree of freedom and daring.

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