Saint Anthony Parrilla

Saint Anthony Parrilla | Meats and Parilla in Florianopolis

Symbol of seafood gastronomy in Florianópolis, Santo Antônio de Lisboa won the option for the public who likes quality meats with the arrival of Santo Antônio Parrilla, with the influence of traditional Uruguayan cuisine.

The restaurant is managed by film and television director Jayme Monjardim and the Uruguayan couple Jorge Gonzalez and Karina Vicente, who already managed a parrilla house on the border between Rio Grande do Sul and Uruguay.

Parrilla is a system of mobile grills used and created by Uruguayans and Argentines to prepare meats. In parrilla, unlike traditional grills, only glowing embers are used to roast the meats.

The wood or charcoal is burned separately, preventing the burning of carbon from interfering with the taste of the food, scorching the pieces being roasted.

  • Gilson da Costa Xavier Highway, 224 - Santo Antônio de Lisboa
  • Saint Anthony of Lisbon
  • Florianópolis
  • (48) 3025-2658
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