Floriculture Cia das Flores

Cia das Flores | Florist in Florianopolis.

Floriculture in Florianópolis since 2002, and an online store since 2008 providing practical solutions to gift those you love with Ships, floral arrangements, flower baskets, coffee baskets, Kits with drinks, chocolates and bears.

We deliver in Florianópolis and region, in our online store you will find the right gift to convey your feelings in a loving and original way.

And we also make floral decorations for all types of events (birthdays, weddings, christenings, graduations, corporate, dinners and etc…).

  • Rua Almirante Alvim, 470 - back house 09 - Center
  • Florianopolis downtown
  • Florianópolis
  • (48) 3324-2841 | 99958-2815