Kelen Borella Design and Scalp Micropigmentation

Kelen Borella - Eyebrows Design and Micropigmentation in Florianópolis.

eyebrow design: the design of eyebrows is done strategically to harmonize, enhance and preserve the personality of each client.

design + henna: the design of eyebrows is done strategically to harmonize and enhance the face of each client. Henna has the function of correcting small flaws, lengthening and highlighting the eyebrows.

eyebrow micropigmentation: the eyebrow micropigmentation technique gives alignment, filling, volume and sophistication. Always enhancing in a natural way the beauty of each client's eyebrows.

brown lamination: the brow lamination technique allows you to align the eyebrows, bringing an aspect of filling and volume very naturally. It is a technique made with the natural threads of each client's eyebrows.

lash lifting: the curved lash lifting technique, colors and nourishes the natural lashes. It is the ideal technique for those who like naturalness. It lasts for up to 6 weeks, doesn't need maintenance and can use mascara.

eyelash extension: eyelash stretching is a procedure that serves to increase and lengthen the wires. The technique consists of gluing synthetic threads, made of silk or mink, over each natural eyelash. The wires are applied with different size, curvature and thickness, according to the preference of each client.

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