Ifsc Campus Florianopolis

The Federal Institute of Santa Catarina is a special regime autarchy linked to the Ministry of Education, as well as a public school whose purpose is to train and qualify professionals at various levels and modalities of education. The Federal Center for Technological Education of Santa Catarina underwent a reform that imposed the separation of Technical Education from Propaedeutic Education. Secondary education became part of basic education and vocational education was separated from secondary education, being complementary and no longer a stage of secondary education. Admission to the IFSC is done through classification exams and entrance exams. The courses offered by the institution are: High School, which comprises the 1st, 2nd and 3rd year of high school. Integrated Technical Education in Buildings, Electromechanics, Electronics, Electrotechnics, Chemistry, Sanitation and Nursing. Subsequent Technical Education in Surveying, Buildings, Electronics, Electrotechnics, Events, Gastronomy, Tourism Guide, Lodging, IT, Automotive Maintenance, Industrial Mechanics, Environment, Meteorology, Bakery and Confectionery, Sanitation and Occupational Safety. Technological degree in Building Construction, Product Design, Gastronomy, Information Technology Management, Hospitality, Industrial Mechatronics, Radiology, Electronic Systems and Power Systems. Bachelors in Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering and Mechatronics Engineering. Florianópolis Campus – Av. Mauro Ramos, 950 – Centro. Phone: (48) 3221-0506. Campus Florianópolis – Continente. 14th of July Street, 150 – Coconut trees. Phone: (48) 3877-8419.

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