Vila Equestre Training Center – Courses and Horse Riding

Vila Equestre Training Center - Training, courses, tours and experience with horses in Greater Florianópolis.

Vila Equestre is a place to acquire knowledge about horses. We offer horse riding, taming and training, basic and advanced classes and courses, accommodation for living with horses.

Horseback riding- Ecotourism Florianopolis

The space consists of a covered arena, a 1.600 m2 working track, well-trained horses, for rides with people with little or no experience. All this in a place with lots of green, birds, water, mountains and mountain climate. We are located in San Pedro de Alcantara, in Greater Florianópolis.

Horseback Riding to the Waterfall

One hour horseback rides, in places with lots of nature and visits to the waterfall. Always by appointment. BRL 70,00 per person.

Coffee and Horseback Riding

Coffee with blend for 5 people. Exclusive one-hour tour and bonfire at the end. Minimum 5 people. BRL 500,00.

family activities

Our activities are designed for people to enjoy the full potential that the horse has to offer. Cognitive development, relaxation, self-esteem, socialization, balance, muscle tone. Family activities: feeding, interacting with the horses, grooming, brushing, horseback riding (1 hour), making a fire and enjoying coffee with mixture. Four-hour activities. Minimum five people.

interaction for children

Interaction for children. One hour duration. Let's meet, brush and ride. BRL 70,00.

Playful and pedagogical classes

We offer classes for children and adults. Always working on the development of the cognitive part, with playful and rural practices, complementing with knowledge of hippotherapy.

Getting to Know the Horse

An all-practical, eight-hour course. Notions of handling, external anatomy, approach and body language. Cleaning and sealing materials. Saddle posture and how to drive. Maximum eight people. Investment 190 reais per person, with certificate.

Advanced course

16-hour Advanced Course, with teaching techniques to flex the back of the head, light mouth, corrections of vices, better riding and much more. You can bring your horse or do it on our horses. Value 1.000,00 reais. Individual service.

Experience with horses

Activity for those who love horses. We offer accommodation for a day with activities made with horses, such as grooming, brushing, interaction and knowledge of body language, understanding the senses of horses and, of course, horseback riding. Accommodation always on Saturdays and holidays. Included four meals. Check-in and check-out at 9 am. Value 499,00 per person. Minimum of 3 and maximum of 6 people.

Tuesday to Saturday - 8 am to 18 pm
Sunday - 8 am to 12 pm

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