Coxilha Rica Equestrian Tourism

Coxilha Rica Equestrian Tourism - Rural Tourism in Santa Catarina.

The best of equestrian tourism! We are a pioneer company in horse trips na Serra Santa Catarina, working for more than 20 years in the fields of the region of rich coxilha (230 km from Florianopolis). We offer horseback riding (horseback trips) from um, three and six days, through Centennial Farms, where we are welcomed by the owners, keeping the regional culture.

Coxilha Rica played an important role in the history of Brazil for more than two centuries, during the tropeirismo (Colonial Brazil - XNUMXth to XNUMXth century). Due to its geographical position and the quality of its pastures, it was a transit route and stopping point for drovers coming from Rio Grande do Sul to the southeast (São Paulo and Minas Gerais).

Know the history of troop path, up and down thighs, pass through you kill, to cross rivers and waterfalls with crystalline waters, with stops to drink water, tighten the encilhas, until arriving at the next farm for meals or landing. This is the routine rich coxilha.


1 DAY horseback ride: Tours of up to five hours during the two periods of the day, with meals at the farm in the itinerary and return to the base of the farm.

Horseback Riding of 3 DAYS: Start at the chapada farm, riding for three and a half hours, arriving at the cascata farm for lunch and rest; the afternoon plus three hours towards the horseshoe farm for an overnight stay.

Horseback Riding of 6 DAYS: Horseback ride through the rich region of coxilha, to fill your eyes with emotion and vibration with so much preserved nature, where you can see the customs of the mountains in their farms, which they receive with great affection and the motivation of those who preserve nature. It's 6 days passing through the nature of the Santa Catarina mountains, with typical mountain food, centuries-old stone walls (taipas), crystalline waters and beautiful landscapes.

We count on trained animals e support team for the activity. we are the pioneer in Santa Catarina in horseback riding, with sixteen years of experience in equestrian tourism.

Conditions for the tour:

  • Maximum weight Rider's allowance: 120 Kg.
  • Age: minimum age 12 years if accompanied by an adult.
  • Amount: maximum groups of 15 riders.
  • horses: Brazilian Creoles.
  • riding level: mastery of the step, trot and gallop (for the 3 and 6 day itineraries).

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