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At Azores Turismo, our client comes first.

Açores Turismo has experienced professionals who can help you, with tips that make all the difference, when organizing a tour or trip.

Our vehicles are prepared to provide your group with: comfort, safety and tranquility in the displacements you need.

Bus in Florianopolis

Marcopolo G7 bus

  • Capacity of 42 passengers
  • Leito Turismo armchairs with leg rest
  • Toilet and Fridge
  • game table
  • Air Conditioning
  • TV, DVD and Microphone
  • Cell phone charging sockets

certified vehicles

Our vehicles meet all the requirements set forth by the Passenger Transport inspection bodies.

The name, Azores, is a tribute to the couples who came from the Azores Archipelago in the 1748th century, around XNUMX, with the aim of starting their lives here again.