Florianópolis tourist bus – Floripa By Bus

How about making a Florianópolis tour aboard an open-top tourist bus? This complete tour, including many of the city's main sights, is a very comfortable way to see the city.

The script begins by exploring the historic center of florianopolis, visiting secular buildings and constructions, such as the public market, customs house: forte: palace, cathedral and huge metal bridge Hercílio Luz.

From the center the script continues in the direction east of the island, passing through the beautiful and bustling Conceição Lagoon until reaching the beaches of joaquina, mole e Barra da Lagoa.

The tour now continues towards the north of the island, passing by Forest Park and hit the beaches of English, Canasvieiras e Jurerê International.

The return of the tour passes through Saint Anthony of Lisbon - an old parish from the colonial period - , for the Cacupe beach, through Manguezal do Itacorubi, ending at Shopping Iguatemi.

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  • Shopping Villa Romana - Avenida Madre Benvenuta, 687
  • Santa Monica
  • Florianópolis

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