TecSer Electrical Engineering - Projects, Installation and Maintenance

TecSer Projects and Technical Services of Electrical Engineering, Solar Energy Generation and Automation in Greater Florianópolis - CREA/SC 044163-1

We form a team to provide technical and engineering services in projects, execution, reports, maintenance and renovation of Electrical Installations, Generation System Photovoltaics, SPDA (lightning rod), Home automation, Lighting e CCTV.

We are qualified and registered with CREA/SC to ensure that all services are performed with the highest level of quality.

Engineering practiced in practice for more than 10 years. Safe and efficient solutions to energy problems.

We accompany you in the analysis of your property to find the best solutions.

Development of complete projects in CAD/BIM software (Compatible with projects from other professionals), with cost survey and bills of materials.

Complete approval of electrical projects, change of energy input pattern and solar energy generation with Celesc.

Talk to us, we will be happy to help bring solutions in electric energy!

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