Introduction to the Classical Philosophy Course

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A study program aimed at adults, covering the most important systems of thought from East and West, with their practical approaches, so that they learn to use their potential in a useful and effective way. It seeks to apply essential human values ​​and timeless qualities that have supported all civilizations, with their philosophers and heroes. This Practical Philosophy develops the ability to govern oneself, teaches how to reconcile feeling, thought and action, to think for oneself and to decide freely. The practice of philosophy encompasses the whole of existence. It serves to give meaning to life, not just let yourself be carried away by it. The course is developed through expository classes and at the same time practical, with exercises proposed to reflect and apply in daily life. In addition, the entire structure of New Acropolis offers opportunities to develop, through workshops, volunteer work and in-depth courses. The same program of studies is carried out at all New Acropolis headquarters around the world. The search for wisdom is a natural condition of the human being. However, sometimes our interests become more and more focused on survival and we forget about this natural human condition. Though wisdom is the ultimate goal, it will only be attained if as I search, I find some degree of that wisdom. The proposal of New Acropolis is to provide tools for the person to seek and find some degree of wisdom. Author: New Acropolis

  Start: 27/06/2019 22:30

  End: 28/06/2019 00:00


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