Country Fair 2022

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Greater Florianópolis will be able to check out up close the culture and differentiated handicrafts from the four corners of the world, until January 15th, at the Fair of the Countries🇧🇷 The original international handicraft fair, brings to the events square, on Floor L2, the Shopping Itaguaçu, more than 10 items of the highest quality, so that everyone can have exclusive works from their favorite country at home.

The values ​​of the pieces range from R$ 5,00 to R$ 10 and the vast majority were produced by families and communities that make their living from art. The event counts with the participation of eight nations from Brazil, Egypt, Pakistan, Senegal, Peru, Ecuador, Morocco and India marking their presence at the event. 

At the fair, you can find all kinds of handicrafts such as decorations, accessories, jewelry, ceramics, sandals, jewelry, furniture, fabrics, bedspreads, cushions, among other objects. In addition to being a great opportunity to acquire handicrafts, it is possible to immerse yourself in the culture of each country represented by its local artisans. The objective is to value artisanal work and stimulate the interest and admiration of visitors in relation to the customs and culture of the countries present.

The highlights are the items from Peru, which is present with typical clothes in alpaca and llama wool, in addition to scarves, also taking decorative mirrors, ceramics that represent the daily lives of Peruvian peasants, typical nativity scenes, backpacks, accessories and many other objects. Pakistan brings beautiful sandals embroidered with crystal, India has accessories, bedspreads, teak wood furniture, beautiful objects of decoration, all handmade, and Senegal comes with an infinity of fabrics and colorful clothes, in addition to masks and exotic sculptures. It is worth checking.

  Start: 02/12/2022 10:00

  End: 15/01/2023 22:00

  Values: free entrance. Items for sale at varying prices.

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