Activities at Praia Mole

! - This event/schedule has already happened - !

PiNGO NO i will take care of the sands of Praia Mole and will provide several activities for the little ones (and for the big ones too). Together with A Roda Toda, PiNGO will offer traditional and contemporary games, as well as a modeling clay workshop based on beeswax and flower pigment.

  Start: 08/08/2015 13:00

  End: 08/08/2015 16:00

  Values: One hour of activities, R$30. Two hours, R$50.

Information: through the website

  •   Aragua space
  • Rod. Manoel e Menezes, 1056 - Praia Mole
  • Florianópolis
  •   (48) 3232-1839

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