Oil Painting on Canvas Classes – Permanent Course

Classes take place at Armazém de Arte Tânia Paupitz, a painting school in Florianópolis.

The classes offered by Tânia Paupitz Art Warehouse include painting techniques to oil on canvas for beginners, adults, teenagers and seniors.

Techniques: Brush and Spatula.

Classes are personalized and composed of a maximum of 8 students, with objects aimed at the study of landscapes, houses, floral, marinas and abstract. Artistic activity as a therapeutic resource allows the promotion of recreation, the development of motor and visuospatial skills, increased self-esteem, including the tranquilizing effect promoting the feeling of well-being.

During the learning process, the teacher will explain in detail the technique used, in addition to the painting material such as: paints, brushes, spatulas, liquids, among other subjects, in addition to the practice of the activity.


In the first class, the student is asked to bring a pack of wet wipes and, during the course, purchase their basic brush kit.

Classes are from 5 students to a maximum of 8 students and classes take place on Tuesday afternoons and Wednesday mornings or Wednesdays and Saturday mornings.

To participate, schedule your time.

  Start: 17/01/2024 17:00

  End: 20/12/2024 19:00

  Values: information on prices and schedules to be consulted by WhatsApp (below).