Lira Tennis Club Block

No day 08, the club promotes its Ewarms up, with free entry, from 19h, having as attractions the Corte Momesca, with King Momo, the Queen and the Princesses, the Corte do Lira and the Battery Show Academics of the South of the Island. The culmination of the party will be the Golden Passers of the Lira contest. already in day 10, the traditional Lira Feijoada is the one who gives the lyrics of the party, having as attraction the group among them, Rare Magic Group e Battery Show Academics from the South of the Island.  Our 11th and 13th: Children's Ball, and on the first day occurs its costume contest, and not day 13, Bcome on rare magic comes to the scene, this time accompanied by the Battery Show Academics from the South of the Island. No day 12: revelry it's the ball of the day, with the excitement of Rare Magic Band Drum Show Academics from the South of the Island to make your party more exciting. And closing the schedule, day 13, Carlinhos sausage. Information and tickets: By phone (48) 3225-3500.