Someone's puffer

Communiqué from the Carnival Block Baiacu of Someone We communicate that the Bloco Baiacu de Meus in the 2018 carnival will focus its activities on the presentation of the Mirim Battery, the result of the “Pescadores de Cultura” project, which will develop percussion workshops that will take place between October 2017 and February 2018, at Escola Paulo Fontes , with support from CESUSC, based on the Franklin Cascaes Foundation's cultural incentive law. In this next carnival, the Bloco, after 25 years, will not hold its traditional parade at the Santo Antônio de Lisboa community carnival, nor its carnival balls. The scrapping of Brazilian public policies in the last two years, especially in the field of culture, as well as the economic crisis, which ended up drastically reducing financial support, both from the public power and from the private initiative, make it impossible to carry out the Carnival of the Someone's Puffer Block. The costs of carrying out a large-scale carnival, with community characteristics, that preserve the roots of this culture and offer security, musical and artistic quality for the “folias de momo”, are very high and the income obtained from our events does not guarantee the their maintenance, therefore, make their self-sustainability unfeasible, from a financial point of view. For this reason, the Coordination of the Baiacu de Someone Cultural Association takes this decision of a carnival focused on its cultural workshops. We appreciate the support received from the community and we count on your understanding and solidarity, as well as our drums and hundreds of revelers and sympathizers who follow us in the carnival festivities. We reaffirm our support for the Santo Antônio de Lisboa community carnival and our commitment to the preservation of cultural policies for our neighborhood, city and country, keeping alive the partnerships and daily actions of resistance for our traditions and new horizons of sociocultural participation!