Archive – Festivities of October 2017

city ​​hall-blumenau-foto-eraldo-schnaider
Blumenau City Hall/Eraldo Schnaider

In October, several cities in Santa Catarina promote typical festivities of each region, transforming the period into the month of the famous October festivities.

Among all the celebrations, about 12 parties are noteworthy, since they occur from the European Valley, through the Grande Oeste, Grande Florianópolis, reaching the Encantos do Sul and the Contestado Valley, with each one bringing its specific flavor and color. Guia Floripa prepared a super special one for each of them, with all the details for you to enjoy the month of October like never before!


Oktoberfest, in Blumenau; (Find out more than Blumenau in the Santa Catarina Guide.

Celebrating its 34th edition, the biggest typical party in the state has included Blumenau on the national scene - and even internationally - as one of the best parties in the country.

Fenarec, in Brusque;

For 11 days, Fenarreco offers one of the most traditional typical German dishes - the mallard with red cabbage -, in addition to an industrial fair with local textile products.

fenaostra, in Florianópolis;

Held in the state capital, Fenaostra has national and regional attractions, bringing even more than 100 options of seafood-based dishes, especially oysters and mussels.

Oktoberfest, from Itapiranga;

The birthplace of Oktoberfest in Santa Catarina is in the extreme west of the state and promotes 3 days of great partying in two parts of the city.

Tirolerfest, in Treze Tílias; (Find out more than Thirteen linden trees in the Santa Catarina Guide)

The city shows all the Austrian heritage of its settlers, in a party that brings together folk groups, music and typical cuisine, held since the first year of the city's foundation: 1934.

Immigrant Party, in Timbo;

The party values ​​German and Italian traditions in celebration of the city's anniversary, promoting cultural exchange between the Vale do Itajaí region and the State of Santa Catarina.

Schutzenfest, in Jaraguá do Sul; (Find out more than Jaragua do Sul in the Santa Catarina Guide)

The Feast of Shooters rescues, in 10 days of celebration, the Germanic culture, with music, folkloric presentations, typical gastronomy and shooting competitions.

Shrimp Festival, in Porto Belo; (Find out more than Porto belo in the Santa Catarina Guide)

Unlike most of the October Festivals, the Porto Belo Shrimp Festival values ​​Portuguese colonization, especially the Azorean culture.


Epafi, in Chapecó;

The Agricultural, Industrial and Commercial Exhibition in Chapecó has recently become part of the October Festivities. Considered one of the largest multisectoral fairs in Brazil, it houses industry, commerce, agriculture and services, in addition to shows and cultural presentations. This year's edition will be from the 6th to the 15th of October. More information by phone (49) 3321-8400.

Kegelfest, in Rio do Sul;

One of the most traditional festivals in the region celebrates the Bolão, or bowling, the ancestral sport of bowling, inherited from German immigrants, in addition to folkloric performances, gastronomy and typical music. More information on the website

Heimatfest, in Forquilinha;

The ten days of festival will have several artistic performances, ranging from folkloric groups to national shows, as well as dances, historical parades and many drinks options. This year's edition will be between the 12th and 15th of October. More information by phone (48) 3463 8100.

Oberlandfest, in Rio Negrinho;

Typically Germanic, the Oberlandfest is one of the options for those who are in the northern plateau of Santa Catarina. This year's edition will be on the 28th and 29th of October. More information on the website