22nd Festival of the Colonial Product

Held since 1993 in the municipality of Saint Martin, a Party of the Colonial Product has the intention of preserving and cultivating, through parades, folkloric performances, typical championships, gastronomy, music and lots of beer, the German tradition. The party, which takes place between 24 26 and October, it also promotes integration between communities, publicizing the municipality and the products of its farmers. Official Programming Day 24 From 19:30 pm, the Official Opening of the 22nd Festival of the Colonial Product takes place, together with the Opening of the Fair of the Colonial Product, Handicrafts and the Gastronomic Pavilion. At 20:1, presentation by the Banda Mütter Felomena, Sangria do 21º Barril de Chope and the presentation of the Royalty. At 00:XNUMX, show with Banda Germânica and at XNUMX:XNUMX, with Banda Cavalinho. Free entry for both. Day 25 At 10 am, Opening of the Colonial Product Festival Park, followed by the Ball for the Best Age with the German Band, with free admission. At 12:14, at Sociedade Beira-Rio, the typical colonial lunch takes place. At 17 pm, presentation by the Banda Humanação, followed by cultural contests and presentation of Folkloric Groups. Free entrance. At 00:XNUMX, at the Producto Colonial Pavilion, band presentations, with free admission. And at XNUMX:XNUMX, at Sociedade Beira-Rio, a Festive Ball. Day 26 9:10 am, Opening of the Colonial Product Festival Park. At 12 am, Official Parade of the XXI Colonial Product Festival, through the streets of downtown. 13:14, Typical Colonial Lunch, at Sociedade Beira-Rio. 30:16, presentation of the Germanic Band At 18:20, Start of the Beer Contest in Metro. At 23pm, show with Banda As Fridas. 22pm, Show with the duo Murilo & Gustavo. At XNUMX pm, presentation by Lino's Band. And at XNUMX pm, closing of the XNUMXnd Party of the Colonial Product. Attention! The charge is only made at the Main Ball (26/10) which is held at Sociedade Beira-Rio and at lunches on the 26th and 27th of October. The other accesses to the event park are free.  

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