Programming on the Beaches for New Year's Eve in Florianópolis

Jumping the seven waves has already become a tradition in beach towns. The ritual has a connotation of prayer, and with each wave a request can be made for the year that has come. The turn by the sea provides this custom for many people, regardless of religion. Some people also take offerings to the sea, such as white flowers, asking the Queen of the Seas Iemanjá, for a better year.

Florianópolis naturally offers more than 42 beaches, so it's easy to find the beach that suits you and your family the most. If the preference is to spend the New Year on very busy beaches and with fireworks, we indicate these beaches below (For this New Year's 2021 edition, the City Hall decided that there will be no fireworks at the seaside. Change due to the Covid-19 pandemic).

- North of the Island: Canasvieiras, Jurerê International, English, saint, Brava. From Praia do Cacupe , Saint Anthony of Lisbon and sambaqui you can see the fireworks on Av. North Seaside.

- South of the Island: Campeche, Frame.

- East of the Island: Conceição Lagoon, Barra da Lagoasoft beach.

Now, if the idea is to stay on a quieter beach, without much structure, we recommend:

- North of the island: Lagoinha, Ponta das Canas, Daniela, Forte beach.

- South of the Island: butcher, Solitude, Azores, shipwrecked.

- East of the Island: Mozambique.

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