Accommodation at Ufsc

If the objective is to study, take an exam or participate in a congress or seminar that requires a certain time discipline, the ideal is to look for somewhere closer to Ufsc to stay.

Although the neighborhoods that surround Ufsc (Trinity, Big Stream, Pantanal e Bunker) offer good housing infrastructure (with supermarkets, hospitals, health stations, gas stations, restaurants, bars, among others) there are few options for inns and hotels available. Nearby neighborhoods like Itacorubi and the Bag of Lemons also have a few options.

The neighborhood of Centro, 7 km from the University, offers many accommodation options and easy access.

Another interesting option, relatively close to Ufsc, is the neighborhood of Conceição Lagoon, where you can live in one of the most sought after tourist spots in Florianópolis. Various inns rent rooms monthly out of season. The downside is that during the summer, monthly payers usually have to go out or accept the high season rates.


Accommodation on the Beaches

As Florianopolis beaches they also have many options of inns and hotels, however, they are a little "out of hand" for those who want to take the entrance exam or need to be, for example, at 8 am at Ufsc.

As east beaches, along with the northern beaches, are the most requested by tourists. Therefore, during the summer season, accommodation prices usually double.

Nas southern beaches it is possible to find inns and hotels with more affordable prices.

The closest beaches to the University are:

Sul: Campeche (20 km), Frame (25 km) e Morro das Pedras (27 km).
East: Conceição Lagoon (12 km), mole (15 km) e joaquina (17 km) e Barra da Lagoa (20 km).
North: cacupé (11 km), sambaqui (17 km), Daniela (22 km) e Jurerê International (23 km).

In summer, the distances seem even greater, due to the intense number of vehicles passing through.


Accommodation in Florianopolis

To find out about all the options for accommodation in Florianopolis, see our Services section (in the link presented above), which offers a list of:

Hotels | Interested | Residential, Aparts and Flats | Hostels and Hostels | Campsites | Seasonal Houses and Apartments | Houses and Apartments for Annual Rent

For those who come to study and want to rent something for the long term, check out some Real estate in Florianopolis.

Another interesting source is the Classifieds from the Ufsc website. In it there are several alternative housing options (advertisements of dormitories, kitinets and apartments) for students.

And for when you make the change, check out our options for Shipping and Moving from anywhere in Brazil to Florianópolis.

See below for accommodation options near the university:


Studio Apartment in Florianopolis

Studio Apartment in Florianopolis

A super cozy apartment, close to the best attractions in Floripa. The photos show what he is. Its location guarantees complete structure around, with restaurants, supermarket, pharmacy, delicatessen, laundry, gym and even the green area of ​​the Botanical Garden to enjoy. In addition, it is located in the middle of the island of Florianópolis, providing easy access to all the main beaches. ... [See more]

  • Itacorubi - Central region of Santa Catarina Island
  • Subdivision: Itacorubi
  • Florianópolis
  • (48) 99981-0901
  • send whatsapp

Hotel Quinta da Bica D'Água

Visit the Website Hotel Quinta da Bica D'Água

It is 250m from UFSC, 10min. downtown, has 33 thousand m² of green area, 51 apartments, suites, air cond., minibar, cable TV, wireless and parking. It has a forest with trail, garden, grotto, swimming pool, beauty salon, space for events, colonial café in the afternoons and à la carte bistro at night, all open to the public. ... [See more]

  • Rua Capitão Romualdo de Barros, 641 - Carvoeira
  • Subdivision: Bunker
  • Florianópolis
  • (48) 3331-0700 (main) / 3331-0736 (reservations) / 3331-0738 (reservations) / 3337-5491 (events) / 3233-1539
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Jose Mendes

Edelweiss Inn

Edelweiss Inn

Pousada Edelweiss | Inn in Florianópolis, close to UFSC. 5 minutes from the center of Florianópolis, the Convention Center (Centro Sul) and UFSC, it is ideal for your business or study accommodation, or even for accommodation close to the Airport. An old house adapted for lodging, in the middle of a lot of greenery, nature, flowers and birds. Wir sprechen Deutsch / Speak English / Hablamos Español. ... [See more]

  • Luiz Pedro Ferreira Street, 86 - José Mendes
  • Subdivision: Jose Mendes
  • Florianópolis