Unisul – University of the South of Santa Catarina

Unisul has been founded for 56 years, with approximately 19 students distributed across three campuses: Campus Tubarão, in Tubarão (which includes the units in Araranguá, Braço do Norte and Içara); Campus Grande Florianópolis, in Palhoça (with a unit in Florianópolis) and Campus Unisul Virtual (headquartered in Palhoça) and with 78 on-site support centers for Distance Learning throughout Brazil. It is the most awarded company by ADVB from Santa Catarina and one of the most remembered business brands in the South of Brazil.

The courses offered at White Stone Campus are:

Administration, Agronomy; Computer Science, Accounting Sciences, Social Communication - Journalism, Social Communication - Publicity and Propaganda, Social Communication - Film and Video, Law, Physical Education and Sports, Nursing, Electrical Engineering - Telematics, Physiotherapy, Letters - Portuguese/English, Letters - Portuguese Language and Literature, Mathematics, Applied Naturology, Nutrition, Pedagogy, Early Childhood Pedagogy, Teaching Pedagogy, Psychology, Social Work, Information Systems, Technology in Fashion Design, Technology in Industrial Electronics, Technology in Gastronomy, Technology in Production Management Industrial, Technology in Industrial Processes - Electromechanics.

And the Technologist Degree options are in Interior Design, Commercial Management and Quality Management. 

A Imaruim bridge unit offers courses in Civil Engineering, Production Engineering and Environmental Engineering.

In addition to these modalities, Unisul offers other course options in Florianopolis units.

The units in the Center of Florianópolis are very close. One is on Rua Trajano and the other is on Rua Padre Roma. The Center offers courses in Administration, Architecture and Urbanism, Law, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Journalism, Advertising, Information Systems and Technology in Fashion Design. 

The following Technological Graduation options are also offered at the Center's units: Commercial Management, Quality Management, Logistics and
Advertising Production.

The North Island campus offers vacancies in Administration, Administration - UBS, Design, Law, Pedagogy, Teaching Pedagogy, International Relations, Tourism, Hotel Management and Tourism - Tourism Management.

Location of Campus Pedra Branca

The representative campus of Greater Florianópolis is located in Cidade Universitária Pedra Branca, Palhoça. By car, it takes about five minutes to the center of Palhoça and 20 minutes to the center of Florianópolis.

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Units and Poles:
  • Tubarão University Campus – Av. José Acácio Moreira, 787 – Cx. Postal 370 – 88704-900 - Tubarão – SC – Phone: (48) 3621-3000
  • Araranguá University Unit: Rodovia Gov. Jorge Lacerda, 3201 – Jardim das Avenidas – 88900-000 - Araranguá – SC – Phone: (48) 3521-3000
  • University Unit of Braço do Norte: Rodovia SC 482, Km 05 – 88750-000 - Braço do Norte – SC – Phone: (48)3658-7249
  • University Unit of Içara: Rua Marcos Rovaris, 309 – Centro – 88820-000 - Içara – SC – Phone: (48) 3443-3050
  • Imbituba University Unit: Rua Santana, 937 – Portal da Vila – Vila Nova – 88780-000 - Imbituba – SC – Phone: (48) 3255-0691
  • University Campus of Greater Florianópolis: Rua Prefeito Reinoldo Alves, 25 – Bairro Passa Vinte – Fazenda Pedra Branca – 88132-000 - Palhoça – SC
  • University Unit Ilha Centro: Rua Trajano, 219 – Centro – 88010-010 – Florianópolis – SC University Unit North of the Island: Rodovia SC, 401 – Km 19 – Bairro Canasvieiras - 88050-001 – Florianópolis – SC
  • Padre Roma University Unit: Rua Padre Roma, 404 – Downtown – 88010-090 Florianópolis – SC
  • Ponte do Imaruim University Unit: Rua João Pereira dos Santos, 303 – B.

Credit for the image used: Panoramic view of the facade of Unisul Campus Pedra Branca, in Palhoça - credit: Publicity.



UNISUL – UNIVERSIDADE DO SUL DE SANTA CATARINA is an educational institution with over 50 years of existence and 15 years in the study and offering of distance education in the national and international market. UNISUVIRTUAL ranks among the five best Distance Learning institutions in the country and has more than 70 distance learning courses authorized by the MEC and 77 centers throughout Brazil. Most courses have special discounts, ... [See more]

  • Av. Pedra Branca, 25 - University City Pedra Branca
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  • +0800 970 7000