Lua Maya Body Therapist

Lua Maya Body Therapist | Tantric Massage in Florianópolis.

Tantra mentor and psychotherapist.

An invitation to a deep dive into the physical and emotional universe, in order to unlock sensitivity and bring self-knowledge, joy, intimacy with sexuality, to work on self-esteem, to feel more secure and to enhance the ability to have pleasure.
Helps: in body self-knowledge, decrease in anxiety, overcoming betrayal, sexual abuse, insecurity, sexual dysfunctions, emotional dependence, overcoming trauma and lack or decrease in sensitivity and expression, low vitality.

It is the opportunity to awaken the feeling, allowing a lighter, more pleasant and fun life.

Services: individual and couples.
Tantric Massage Courses
Lectures and Training for Personal Development and Sexuality.

  • Tantric massage
  • Lingam Massage
  • ⁠Yoni massage
  • ⁠energy drainage
  • ⁠touch resilience
  • ⁠mesmerism
  • ⁠radiesthesia
  • ⁠aroma therapy
  • Sensitive Massage

Therapies that work on our sexual energy, activating our entire body sensitivity through touch, enhancing our orgasmic sensations.

Techniques may vary from session to session depending on what I hear from you. You may be looking for a cure for a sexual dysfunction or a new perception of bodily pleasure, and this varies from case to case.

The massage is done on the entire body, including private parts. In men it is called Lingam (in the penis). And in yoni women.

It is not masturbation, which in this case are repetitive movements, in tantric the intention is to experience new orgasmic sensations, bringing very sharp perceptions of the body, awakening pleasure throughout the body.

Before you contact me on WhatsApp, remember that “Tantra is not prostitution”.

*Come and discover the best Tantric Therapy in Santa Catarina*

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