e-Citizenship Portal

e-Citizenship Portal | Federal Senate Portal The e-Cidadania Portal offers interactivity services that seek to encourage citizen participation in parliamentary activity, in its legislative, representative and supervisory dimensions. For this, the Portal offers the following tools: Legislative Idea: send and support legislative ideas, which are suggestions for changes in current legislation or the creation of new laws. Ideas that receive 20 support will be forwarded to the Commission on Human Rights and Participatory Legislation (CDH), where they will receive an opinion; Interactive Event: Participate in public hearings, Sabbaths and other open events. For each audience/saturday/event, a specific page is created where there will be: the live broadcast; space for posting comments; presentations, news and documents related to the event; Public Consultation: to give opinions on bills, proposals for amendments to the Constitution, provisional measures and other proposals in progress in the Federal Senate until the final decision (sanction, promulgation, submission to the Chamber of Deputies or shelving). The use of any tools available on the e-Cidadania Portal is conditioned to the registration through a Facebook or Google account or, even, by completing an electronic form with the requested information (name, email, password and UF) . It is strictly prohibited to carry out more than one registration per citizen, as well as the use of temporary e-mail accounts and the use of another person's identity.