On Hot Costelaria

On Brasa Costelaria | Specializing in grilled roasts overlooking the sea in Florianópolis.

In the gastronomic way of Coqueiros, Na Brasa Costelaria brings from “ribs” to noble cuts and original dishes for the whole family.

on the menu the flagship is the beef rib, which can already be enjoyed by roasting on the grill right in the restaurant's window. Other specialty cuts such as Entrecot, T-bone, Prime ribs and Lamb Stinco are among the options for roast beef lovers. Already in the dishes signed by chef Diogo Segala, alternatives for the most different palates: Filet mignon with spaghettini (handmade) in carbonara sauce with smoked mushrooms; Entrecot with smoked cabotiá risotto with parmesan tuile and pesto sauce; Grilled short rib with gorgonzola risotto with roasted almonds; Stinco (cinnamon) of grilled lamb, drizzled with balsamic reduction and served with baião de dois. There are also numerous options for starters and side dishes (here's a tip: try the garlic bread ball and the rib dumplings).

To sweeten and crown the meal, whether at lunch or dinner, another star of the house - which has been reverberating in photos and videos on social networks - is the Pancake filled with dulce de leche. The dessert - inspired by houses in Gramado and Campos do Jordão - is caramelized on the spot, in front of the customer, and served hot accompanied by vanilla ice cream. Besides the photos, it's worth every bite! Another highlight of the dessert menu is the Brownie Blondie by Charlie Brownie: a white brownie with red fruit syrup and vanilla ice cream.

No executive lunch, available from Monday to Friday, highlighting the Entrecot, rump parmigiana, tilapia fillet and onion chuleta - which can be accompanied by a salad and up to three side dishes. Perfect for a complete meal, with first-rate ingredients and more affordable prices, combined with the agility and practicality that are almost a prerequisite for lunches on weekdays.


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