Tânia Paupitz Art Warehouse

Tânia Paupitz Art Warehouse | School of Painting in Florianópolis.

The Atelier de Pintura Armazém de Arte Tania Paupitz offers painting classes for adults and senior groups. Classes take place every Tuesday (afternoon) and Wednesday and Saturday morning. The art warehouse offers a broad structure for carrying out these classes, combining painting as a form of therapy.

In the first class, the Teacher carries out a step-by-step class with the student, where she teaches, from drawing to finishing the work, emphasizing mixing and overlapping colors, tips on how to use oil painting tools.

Classes are personalized and made up of maximum 8 students, with themes focused on the study of landscapes, houses, floral, marinas and abstract. Artistic activity as a therapeutic resource allows the promotion of recreation, the development of motor skills, and increased self-esteem, from focus,  including the tranquilizing effect promoting a feeling of well-being.

If interested, the Atelier is available for further information via WhatsApp (see button), informing about class times and prices for individual classes, as well as packages with or without material included. If you wish, you can pre-schedule a visit to the Space to better visualize the teaching of the classes in progress.

To have a greater view of the Atelier de Pintura functionality, visit our website.



Cocoa Menezes / 2023

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