Thinking and Building Our World

Thinking and Building Our World | Kindergarten and Elementary Education in Florianópolis.

Childhood education, for children from 1 year and 7 months up to 6 years. The methodology of early childhood education at Escola Nosso Mundo comprises playing as a starting point for child development, focusing learning on playful aspects, awakening in children different ways of looking, feeling, understanding and interacting with the world. Through the projects proposed and built with each group, we develop our activities and prioritize the learning objectives.

Elementary School, 1st and 2nd Cycles (corresponding to the curricular matrix from the 1st to the 5th year in the graded grid): Our curricular proposal is designed in such a way as to approach an interdisciplinary teaching, where the disciplines dialogue with each other. We seek to offer the integral development of the child, in all its dimensions, placing him as a protagonist in his learning process.

From the love for Philosophy, came the idea of ​​the project THINKING AND BUILDING OUR WORLD. We share the certainty that every child is a great little philosopher, with this infinite ability to ask questions and never give up on finding an answer, of accepting a truth and then abandoning it to look for a new one, and thus questioning again, building and rebuilding their world, through new concepts and new ideas, living all this restlessness of being a being in formation.

In this space – affectionately called OUR WORLD – children will experience their childhood in all its senses. Through the workshops offered, the games and the moments of coexistence in everyday life. Sharing fun, responsibilities and discoveries.

The main activities of PC Nosso Mundo are:

  • our little world, playful activities for children from 02 to 04 years old (Monday to Friday, 2am to 6pm)
  • shift, for children from 04 to 12 years old (from Monday to Friday from 2 am to 6 pm);
  • holiday colony, from December to February, and in July, fun is guaranteed at our Summer Camps! The Nosso Mundo Summer Camp represents a time to play and relax for children. It is planned for the child to feel a break in their school routine and live fun and playful experiences!;
  • pajama night, there are 5 per year, from Friday to Saturday night, for children from 04 years old;
  • corporate for families participate, such as: Children's Carnival Ball, Festa Junina, Family Colonial Café, Children's Day, among others.
  • space too organizes birthday parties and private events, on weekends.

Come visit us and discover this amazing space!

Thinking and Building Our World

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