egloball consultancy specialized in knowledge construction aims to unite academic and professional internationalization with the study of languages, through preparatory courses for major exams proficiency in English and Spanish, in addition to offering customized exchange packages to the most sought after destinations.

What do we deliver? Excellent, humanized and personalized service, always identifying the option that best suits the customer.

What are we looking for? Boost your professional trajectory, always acting with ethics, responsibility and transparency, in a simple and effective way.

The material used is imported and fully digital, our teachers have a extensive international experience.

Study Outputs: How about learning a little Portuguese? experiencing the culture, tradition and local gastronomy, while we stroll? Do not miss this opportunity! Check out our schedules for the year 2021.

fast courses for conducting Interviews in English. Have you ever had an experience of being interviewed in English? How it was? This workshop will address the key questions and how to answer them to have a successful interview. In English! Check dates and values ​​by WhatsApp: (048) 999996752.