Immigrant Festival 2017

Once again, the municipality of Timbó carries out its traditional immigrant party, that arrives at your 27ª edition celebrating the delicious, fun and cozy regional mix of German and Italian descendants. The event, which aims to promote cultural exchange between the Itajaí Valley and the State of Santa Catarina, rescues and preserves the traditions of the colonizers, with balls, folk dances, typical parades, musical, sports and recreational presentations, also promoting typical German, Italian and Brazilian cuisine.

There will be several shows and bands that will liven up the party nights in Henry Paul Municipal Events Pavilion and Cultural Pavilion, in addition to carrying out Retretas, Typical Parades, Afternoon for the Best Age, Children's Playground, Afternoon for Children, Tent of Shooting, helicopter tours, Art Fair, Crafts and Typical Products, Contest of Beer Drinkers in Metro, among other cultural presentations.

the completion date ª 27 Immigrant Party should be released soon.

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