Schutzenfest 2017

For 10 days, Jaragua do Sul continues a tradition begun in Europe during the Middle Ages. THE 29th Schutzenfest - which this year will take place at the November month, from the 12th to the 22nd - Its main attraction is the shooting competitions, but it also has parades, such as the search for kings and queens during the festivities and shooting societies, children's space and amusement park, dance for the elderly, in addition to shows and folklore groups.

This year, the party will bring innovations, where the public will be able to enjoy new dishes on the menu composed of the typical cuisine of the place, such as Strudel Ecke, the Spatzle Ecke, the Wurst Ecke and the Hamburger Eckand, as well as the traditional kassler – pieces of salted and smoked pork – and the mallard with red cabbage. In addition to the gastronomic novelties, the party will feature rustic games, such as bird shooting and table tennis, and on weekends, trolley rides.

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