Parade of the Consulado do Samba School

At Carnival 2019, the Samba Consulate parades in Nego Quirido catwalk presenting a plot about love: a story told from the perspective of the Tin Man character from the Wizard of Oz. School information: Name: Gremio Recreativo and Escola de Samba Consulado. Foundation: 5/5/1986. Colors: Red and white. Symbol: Tambourine. Neighborhood: Saco dos Limões. President: Valcione Furtado. Interesting fact: The school was created from a group of employees from Rio de Janeiro, Eletrosul, who got together to play samba and animate parties and sporting events for their colleagues. Titles: 6 titles. Plot 2019: Où l'amour sera roi - Where love will be king.. Costumes: They can be seen on the association's page, where the names of the wings and telephone numbers of those responsible for the sale appear. Address and contact: Gremio Recreativo and Escola de Samba Consulado - Rua Custódio Firmino Vieira, 20 - Caeira - Saco dos Limões. (48) 3028-7988.