Lagoinha Beach

Lagoinha Beach - Florianópolis Beach

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Região: north of the island
Subdivision: Ponta das Canas
Nearby beaches: Ponta das Canas beach (west) | Brava Beach (east)
Distances: Centro e Bus Station 35 km | Airport 46 km
Beach Type: shallow beach (fine sand and depth slowly increases)
Curling: Calm (no waves) and Median (with small waves)
Sand range: Media (between 10 m and 20 m) and Long (above 20 m)
Beach Length: 0,8 km
water temperature: Moderate
Also find: water sports, trails

Map Location Praia da Lagoinha

at the extreme north of the island, Lagoinha It is a small beach with the characteristics of a cove, as it is protected by cliffs, which is home to a traditional fishermen's colony and offers its visitors generally warm and calm waters, in addition to a stunning view.

Praia da Lagoinha is ideal for those who want to have peace, get away from the hustle and enjoy the simplicity of the beaches of Florianópolis. The region has few residential houses, many of them by the beach, few hotel services and utilities. At the same time, it is close to areas that have strong infrastructure to receive tourists.

Lagoinha Beach

Lagoinha beach is a small space reserved for those who want tranquility while being close to the hype.

Natural Features of Lagoinha

It is located at the northern end of Santa Catarina Island. It is a small beach, 760 meters long in width, ranging from 12 to 35 meters.


Geographically, it is an estuary, that is, the place where the waters of a river flow into the waters of the sea. At its mouth, small rivers form a freshwater lagoon that is surrounded by the damming of the beach sands, forming the lagoon, which gives the beach its name.

The beach starts at Ponta do Rapa (west) and goes to Ponta da Lagoinha (east). At these two ends there are trails, one of them reaches remote territories in the north of the island.

The beach has a semicircle shape and is protected at both ends by shores of thick vegetation. This makes the waters very calm and warm. The depth gradually intensifies.

The sand is light yellow and firm, ideal for walking.

History of Lagoinha

His village began with fishing colonies. O sea ​​is open to the north, where the mullets come from, but the beach has calm waves – so it's not difficult for boats to break the surf. All this made Lagoinha beach a perfect environment for fishing.


Some agricultural activities were also part of the way of life of the first inhabitants. The cultivation of cassava, corn and coffee are examples.

Gradually, some summer houses began to appear. Families in search of tranquility and a simple life settled down.

With the proximity of service centers such as Bom Jesus waterfall, English e Canasvieiras, it was not necessary to compromise the region's green areas with commercial constructions.

Fishing at Lagoinha Beach

The area remains to this day as a fishing center, in addition to being synonymous with peace, tranquility and wooded areas.

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