11-year-old Brazilian driver shines at the Rok Cup Florida de Kart in the United States

Renato Frota Pionti, an outstanding Brazilian driver, successfully participated in the first stage of the Rok Cup Florida de Kart last weekend, held at the Orlando Kart Center, in the United States. Competing for the American URace team, Renato reached fourth position, displaying impressive skill and determination on the tracks.

The former professional driver, Ítalo Silveira, Coach of the American team, made a point of praising Renato who surprised him that in a few hours on the track, he improved his performance, matching the great drivers of the category who have raced on this circuit for many years, as it was the first time that Renato had raced on this circuit, and his first time driving a Kart with a 2-stroke engine, which is much faster than its category in Brazil. Ítalo mentioned that Renato with less than 2 hours on the track was already turning laps in a time very close to the American champions of the category. Due to his excellent performance, Renato was invited to definitely join the US team, which will compete in other races during the 2023 season.

Renato competed in the Rok Cup Florida USA which is a prestigious competition held in the United States. In 2022, the champion of the cadet category was Antônio Pizzônia Neto, son of the Brazilian former Formula 1 driver. Who also became champions in 2022, was the Brazilian Matheus Morgatto, current World Kart champion. This year, the winner of the cadet category was fast driver Marco Romero, who has already won several national championships in the United States.

Renato Frota Pionti has already returned to Brazil where he resumed his intensive training and to continue his calendar of national competitions in the 2023 season.

It is worth mentioning that before his trip to the USA, Renato won for the third time the title of champion in the V11 Aldeia Cup de Kart stage, in his category, competing for the STK RACE team in Brazil. These victories reinforce his ability and consistency in national and international competitions, highlighting his potential as a motorsport driver.

With a promising performance both on the international and national scene, Renato Frota Pionti continues to walk his path in motorsport, and he takes the opportunity to thank his current sponsors, but he continues to look for new Brazilian companies to support or sponsor the career of this Brazilian driver, very promising in the sport, since his exciting journey and his achievements are a source of pride for the country.

Rafael Cristofoletti Pionti
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