AI, the overcoming of the human and its impact on travel

The discussion about the future with Artificial Intelligence (AI) is very old and not all opinions defend this form of evolution. Even so, its impact is visible and could even affect tourism, changing the way we travel and choose our destinations. Learn how AI can change your perspective on travel.

You may even think that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a thing of the future, but the truth is that, at this moment, you are already finding experiences renewed by it in your online casino, your search engine and even your kitchen robot.

Over the years, new research has allowed a great evolution of technology that has made the entire electronic world more accessible, closer to human thinking and more capable of predicting our desires or guiding our actions.

With regard to our desire to travel, including getting to know our wonderful Florianópolis and its various beaches, IA will certainly play a fundamental role, as it will be able to guide the suggestions of destinations for your tastes and personality, making it easy to choose your ideal destination.

Come and learn about the possible impact of AI technology on the future of tourism and also learn about the vision of the North American Raymond Kurzweil, a scholar in this field.

AI on travel e in tourism

AI in travel e in tourism

When you propose to travel, the most likely thing is that you go in search of the travel destination that best suits your tastes, your personality and your budget. It is equally natural that, based on an idea of ​​the place on the globe that you most want to visit, you add keywords such as “beach” or “natural camping”, which will serve to limit the search and allow a simpler encounter with the ideal destination. .

Search engine tools are there to improve the results of this process, increasingly integrating AI tools, considering that they can, even better than a human, launch you the ideal suggestion for a dream trip.

So, when you go in search of tourist destinations, algorithms based on the data provided and the algorithms will make your whole way on the web influence the answer. For example, if you wanted to discover beautiful beaches in Brazil and had previously searched for waterfalls in your search engine, our Florianopolis beaches with nearby waterfalls would come up in your suggestions.

Can AI outperform the human in presenting travel suggestions?

According to researcher Raymond Kurzweil, the potential for computer intelligence to surpass human intelligence is a reality. In the same way that, in the year 1987, the international chess champion, Gary Gasparov was defeated by the IBM computer, the Deep Blue, it becomes perfectly possible that AI tools will influence your travels much more than the suggestion of people, since your analysis will be more oriented to your tastes, to your personality and to the whole range of data that you are releasing, in each web browsing.

This ability to understand Artificial Intelligence tools is what is making travel agencies and tourism professionals starting to integrate it into their businesses, improving their profit potential and the experience of their customers.


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