Fortune Tiger: Best Strategies, Tricks and Tips for 2024

In April 2022, casino game fans got a new title from PG Soft that completely changed the course of slot games. The Fortune Tiger game was launched with the mission of innovating the direction of slot games and it succeeded, this is a slot machine that deviates from the conventional gaming pattern, even in 2022 this game adopted a 3 betting reel model and with menus bonuses and Wilds.

PG Soft has been a renowned company in the casino games market for many years, it produces high quality games, always bringing to light games that focus on cell phone players. The game that changed the status of PG Soft was precisely Fortune Tiger, also known as the little tiger game, which innovated the slot machine market by giving a new look to slot machines.

Many online platforms like DavBet focus on distributing this game for one simple reason, it has a huge fan base. Fortune Tiger became well known in Brazil and gained fame due to the frequent awards that take place within the game. This is a slot that really allows you to win real money.

In fact Fortune Tiger is a very popular game, but not everyone knows in detail what this game has to offer. To become an expert in Fortune Tiger and do well with your bets, this short guide was created, it will introduce you to everything about the game, giving tips on how to do well with your bets.

Discover Everything About Fortune Tiger

As previously mentioned, Fortune Tiger is a game that quickly became a success in Brazil, despite this, few people know the game's origin story. In this game you embark on an adventure that reminds you of Chinese culture using an immersive soundtrack, great animations and symbols inside the betting reels that make the whole atmosphere possible.

Fortune Tiger appeared on the market with the idea of ​​innovating the direction of slot games and it succeeded. This is a three-reel, three-line slot machine, that is, it uses the classic format of the game, but adopts modern features such as Wilds bonus menus and prizes on different prize lines.

One of the biggest highlights that helped in the popularity of Fortune Tiger in the Brazilian market was the game's focus on delivering its own experience for cell phones. The game was developed to be played on Smartphones using its own layout to ensure good viewing on cell phone screens.

This little detail is a feature of PG Soft games, but it really became popular after the release of Fortune Tiger. In this game, when betting, you can watch different animations of a Tigrinho on the screen, it has a unique design and fluid animations that interact with the results of your bets. All these details in one game made it a huge success in Brazilian casinos.

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Game Technical Sheet

Now that you know some features and a little more about the history of Fortune Tiger, it's time to get to know some technical information about the game. See the Fortune Tiger general information sheet below and understand a little more about the qualities that made this game a great national highlight.

  • Release Year: 2022
  • RTP (Return to Player): 96.81%
  • Minimum Bet: R$0,15.
  • Maximum Bet: R$45,00.
  • Maximum Payout: 2500x.
  • Game Developer: PG Soft.

Technical information already indicates several reasons why the game has become such a highlight in Brazilian casinos. To start with Fortune Tiger offers a very high RTP. For those who don't know the term RTP, it is an acronym designated for the percentage value that the player receives back on their bets while having fun at Fortune Tiger.

Another interesting technical information about the tiger game is the maximum and minimum bet value. In this game you have financial freedom to make your choices about how to play and all this without putting your bank management at risk. This game brings together many positive points in one place and guarantees the player an immersive experience.

Fortune Tiger allows players to play in many different ways, so understanding more about the game can be the right way to make successful bets. Below you will find out a little more about the game and learn ways to play Fortune Tiger trying to win as many rounds as possible.


How to Play Fortune Tiger

The Fortune Tiger game is a conventional slot, but with some extra features. Despite being a simple game, it is always important to fully master the rules of a slot machine that is worth real money. To better understand how to do well when betting on Fortune Tiger, it is essential to discover all the rules of the game.

As you already know, Fortune Tiger is a slot game with 3 reels and 3 rows, but with 5 pay lines. Your objective is to find symbol patterns whenever you spin the game's reels. Despite being a standard slots game format, it is important to take into account that Fortune Tiger has a feature that many traditional slots do not have, Wilds.

Wilds are symbols that can replace any other symbol and form a new payline. This is a slot with simple rules, but it is worth highlighting the card symbol, every time you complete a pay line with it on the screen your prize is multiplied by 10. This is a symbol that many players consider a bonus within the game.

A simple way to start playing to understand these Fortune Tiger concepts is to test the game in demo mode to discover in practice how these rules work. In general, Fortune Tiger is a simple and easy game to play, but it is still important to know every detail of the game to do well with your bets.

Betting Options Menu

Now that you know the rules of Fortune Tiger, it's time to find out a little more about the game's betting menu. This is a simple game to play, but it deserves attention for this menu, after all, it is what defines how much you win in each round and how much you bet during your game. Fortune Tiger has 3 separate menus, one for you to monitor your account balance, bet amount and winning amount in the round and another to place the bet itself.

In the first menu you will see a wallet symbol, this symbol represents your account value that can be used for betting on Fortune Tiger. Just to the right of this symbol there is the stacked coins icon, it represents the value of the active bet, and right next to it the symbol written "Win" which shows how much you won in the round. This is just a guide menu for you to follow what is happening with your bets.

Below it you will have the actions menu, the first icon from left to right is Turbo, it is represented by a Lightning Bolt. Clicking turbo mode eliminates spin animations during your games, this can be very useful for those who want to place automatic bets or simply want to avoid watching long animations every time they spin the betting reel.

Next to the all symbol you will see a minus symbol used to decrease the betting value and you will see the action symbol used to spin the reels. On the right you will see the plus symbol to increase the bet value and finally the auto option. In the auto option you can configure automatic rounds of up to 1000 rounds in duration. You also have a settings menu in the game where you can disable sound, view the game's prize table, read the rules and view your prize history in Fortune Tiger.

Auto Bet Features

Above you can see that Fortune Tiger offers an automatic betting menu, it is certainly a resource that deserves more of your attention, after all it is a great ally when playing to win real money. Automatic bets can be configured to be carried out in: 10, 30, 50, 80 and 1000 spins, this is an interesting feature of the game, but it needs to be used with great care.

Auto bets are a double-edged sword, they can generate great results for you when you are on a lucky day or simply playing at the highest payout times on Fortune Tiger. You can achieve good results with this easy-to-use menu, see below the steps to activate automatic bets:

Step 1: Set the amount of bets you want to make automatically and click on the “Auto” symbol in the Fortune Tiger stock menu.

Step 2: Select the number of spins you want to place automatic bets on.

Step 3: Click “Start Auto Spin”.

After following these three steps, your automatic bets begin, but you need to pay attention to them, as on unlucky days they can cause big losses. To contain damage, you can stop automatic bets whenever you want by clicking on the reels spin icon. Automatic spins are really very useful, but they must be used calmly and carefully.

Earnings on Fortune Tiger

Now that you better understand Fortune Tiger's betting menu, it's time to learn in detail how winnings work within the game. Fortune Tiger has seven winning symbols that rotate along the betting reel, there are 3 pay lines that can generate up to 2500x the bet amount in a single spin. For this to happen you need to completely close the screen with Wild symbols.

Each symbol within Fortune Tiger has a different prize value, find out about each one below:

  • Wild: 250x
  • Golden Hats: 100x
  • Emerald medallion: 25x
  • Coin purse: 10x
  • Faces: 8x
  • Bells: 5x
  • Oranges: 3x

As you may have noticed, this is a slot in which whenever patterns are formed, the prizes exceed the value of the bet and this is precisely what gives the game such a high RTP. It is worth noting that Fortune Tiger has a long history of people who have won excellent awards, the most recent one taking place in Alagoas.

On this occasion, a maid named Maria Aparecida achieved the much-desired 2500x in a single spin of Fortune Tiger. The bet value was unfortunately low at just R$1,00, but it still only demonstrates how it is possible to get good prizes playing the little tiger game. The winner stated that she always plays Fortune Tiger at specific times and she believes that this is what earned her this big prize.


Best Platform to Play Fortune Tiger

To get an opportunity to win a prize of 2500x in Fortune Tiger you need to have a reliable platform capable of providing you with the security and resources necessary to enjoy the game without worries. Currently in the Brazilian market only one casino fits these characteristics, DavBet, a platform launched with the aim of bringing players a worry-free experience with sports betting and casino games.

This is a modern website that began to gain national prominence at the beginning of 2024. On this platform you will find everything you need to have a good experience with Fortune Tiger. The site has SSL security for all pages, blockchain systems for personal and banking information and, of course, excellent performance in the computer version, on the mobile site and also in the application.

Although these are important features for DavBet to be considered a good option for online entertainment, it is a fact that this is not the main reason why it is the best option for enjoying Fortune Tiger.

DavBet offers a bonus for casinos that offers free spins according to the deposit amount made. This is an active promotion for all users in which every deposit from R$20,00 is converted into free spins. For every R$10,00 you get a free spin that you can use on Fortune Tiger. It is worth noting that this bonus has a limit of 100 free spins worth R$0,20 on various slots, including Fortune Tiger.

Playing Well: Tips and Tricks

After discovering the best site to play Fortune Tiger, discovering some game features and learning more about the game's rules, it's time to learn strategies and tricks that can help you win more often in the rounds of this slot machine that pays with real money.

Before learning about some tips and tricks to do well in the tiger game rounds, it is important to keep in mind that this information only helps you increase your chances of winning, it is not a guarantee of prizes. Knowing this, see below some simple but very useful tips that can improve your win rate in Fortune Tiger.

  1. Tip: Before playing, set your betting budget.

Even though Fortune Tiger has an excellent RTP, this is still a game that relies on luck. On an unlucky day you can lose several rounds consecutively and to prevent this from becoming a problem, setting a betting budget is essential.

Make a betting budget to know how much you can play during a given time, this will help you keep control over your bets and also visualize your profits per period played more clearly.

  1. Tip: Avoid gambling to recover losses.

A very striking feature of Fortune Tiger is that this is a game where the return to player is very high. In Slots like these moments of bad luck are uncommon, but when they happen they tend to persist, one way to not lose too much is to play the same way you played previously in the rounds you lost, don't use strategies to recover losses, just leave it aside and play normally.

  1. Tip: Use bonuses and promotions to improve your earnings.

The last tip is simple, but very effective. Using bonuses and promotions whenever possible in Fortune Tiger can help you increase your winnings as a bet with a bonus does not put your money at risk, but can still generate real money in won spins.


Bonuses for Playing Fortune Tiger

As previously mentioned, one of the most efficient ways to increase your earnings in Fortune Tiger is to play and take advantage of the many bonuses that can be offered by the platforms. This is a game in which the rounds are short and the RTP is very high coupled with medium volatility, in other words, this is a game that rewards good values ​​and with considerable frequency.

This Fortune Tiger profile benefits from many casino bonuses and everything becomes even better when you consider DavBet which offers 4 different Bonuses that offer advantages for you to enjoy Fortune Tiger. Discover more details about each of these bonuses:

  • 10% Daily Cashback on Slots.

DavBet offers players daily Cashback for amounts lost on slot games, this includes Fortune Tiger. The amount returned can reach up to R$2500,00. This is a promotion that does not need to be activated, simply play Fortune Tiger at DavBet to activate the benefit.

There is a table of percentage amounts received back on lost bets, see below: the Free spins per deposit

This bonus was mentioned previously, it can guarantee you up to 100 Free Spins just for making deposits at DavBet to play Fortune Tiger from PG Soft.

This bonus is activated whenever you make deposits over R$20,00 on the platform, for every ten reais in deposits you get a free spin with a limit of 100 spins. These spins are just R$0,20, but in a game where the maximum prize pool is 2500x it can pay off a lot for your bets.

  • DavBet welcome bonus.

One of the best Bonuses to take advantage of in the Tigrinho game that DavBet offers is the Casino Welcome Bonus. This bonus offers 300% of first deposits up to R$5000,00. This bonus needs to be activated on the website, to do this simply open the DavBet promotions tab before making your first deposit on the website and click on "request now" in the promotion.

As expected this bonus terms and conditions of use. To begin with, the promotion is only active with deposits above R$20,00. This 300% bonus is split across your first three deposits.

On your first deposit you receive a 100% bonus of up to R$2000,00; on the second deposit you receive a 75% bonus up to R$1500,00 and on the third and final deposit you receive a 125% bonus on up to R$1500,00.

  • 20% daily bonus for deposits at DavBet Casino up to R$1500,00.

This is the last bonus that the platform offers that you can use on PG Soft's Fortune Tiger. This benefit needs to be activated in the promotion tab within DavBet and is only activated with deposits of at least R$50,00. This is a bonus that can earn you up to R$1500,00 that you can use to play Fortune Tiger.


Best Time to Play Fortune Tiger

Now that you know all the bonuses and promotions that you can use to enjoy Fortune Tiger, just find out what times are the best prize rates within the tiger game. Fortune Tiger is a game that pays frequently, so even away from times of high prize rates you will achieve good results.

The best times to play Fortune Tiger are:

  • Sunday: From 04 am until 16 pm.
  • Monday: From 06 am until noon.
  • Tuesday: From 17 pm until 22 pm.
  • Wednesday: From 11 am until 23 pm.
  • Thursday: From 20 pm until midnight.
  • Friday: From 8 am to 19 pm.
  • Saturday: From 7 am until 13 pm.

As you can see, the times at which the prize rates in the Tigrinho game happen are very broad. You'll have plenty of time to enjoy the best prize moments in this huge hit from PG Soft.


The Fortune Tiger game works on the classic slot game format, but with modern innovations that attract many Brazilians. This is a great success from PG Soft and is certainly part of the select list of the most popular casino games in the world.

This is a game with simple rules, but with the right strategies and tricks you can greatly increase your chances of winning. Don't waste time, create an account at DavBet right now and start enjoying Fortune Tiger.



Does the Fortune Tiger game really pay with real money?

Yes, the Fortune Tiger game can generate real money payouts, but only in the full version of the game.

How do you know when it's the right time to stop during your adventures with Fortune Tiger?

The right time to stop your Fortune Tiger betting depends on your budget, luck and experience. You will have to play to know the exact moment when it will be best to stop your bets.

Is it possible to play Fortune Tiger on your cell phone?

Yes, using casinos like DavBet you can play Fortune Tiger both through your smartphone's browser and through the app.

Does Fortune Tiger pay well?

Yes, Fortune Tiger is a game with medium volatility and an RTP of 96,81%, meaning it is a game that pays well.

What security features does Fortune Tiger have?

Fortune Tiger is a game developed and distributed by PG Soft, this game has protocols that guarantee rounds with random results and closed code to avoid changes to the game.


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